Aliso Viejo Pest Control

A New City with Old Pests

We have been providing expert pest control to Aliso Viejo since 1947! Trust Admiral Pest for your termite control, beg bug extermination, insulation services, and all residential and commercial pest control services.

Aliso Viejo will become a teenager this July and we’re already dealing with nasty pests hiding out in our homes. Even if our city were founded in 1901 instead of 2001, the pests would have still been here before us. Cockroaches were here before the dinosaurs. Termites are from the same cockroach ancestor, and ants have been here for millions of years and out number us 200 million to one. As far as they’re concerned, we’re the invaders.

Why Old Pests Love New Houses

Even though they’re ancient, ants and cockroaches love our new homes here in Aliso Viejo. Why? We provide easy access to their essential needs—food and water. Why should they hunt for food outside when it’s easier to steal your food? They break into your home through the smallest cracks in your foundation or any other access into your home. And unlike a polite burglar, they don’t leave; they stay!

One of the most common ants in Southern California is the argentine ant. They love sweets, syrups, and eggs. Actually they will also eat about anything, including some of your already-dead pests. Cockroaches are no better. If they get desperate, they will eat each other. They hide out in your walls or under appliances until they come out to eat after dark.

Termites don’t care about your kitchen. To them, the whole house is a buffet. You may not find a single clue they are there until they have been munching away for three years.

Admiral and New Technology Means No Pests

These pests seem determined to prove they have more right to your home than you do. Well, it’s time to show them otherwise. Here at Admiral Pest Control, we have state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly products to outsmart their old tricks. Our technicians know where to find them, and they know how to get exterminate them. Afterwards, you can relax in your Aliso Viejo home without worrying about pests hijacking your kitchen or taking advantage of your home’s structure.

If you have a pest problem, call Admiral Pest Control in Aliso Viejo and we’ll solve it.