Bed Bug Extermination

In Los Angeles bed bugs were nearly eradicated as a common pest in the 1940’s. Unfortunately, they are reappearing in record numbers across the United States and around the world. Bed bug infestations have been most commonly reported in motels, hotels, dormitories, apartments, shelters and transport vehicles, but also infest homes. In order to treat them effectively, Admiral Pest Control’s bed bug exterminators undergo rigorous training to understand their biology and behavior.

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs typically have the following characteristics:

  • Adults are about ¼ inch long and reddish brown to dark brown in color

  • Oval, flattened bodies that resemble apple seeds

  • Cannot fly, but can run quickly and disperse throughout a structure

  • Spread easily by “hitchhiking” on people, clothing and luggage

  • Females lay 1 to 5 eggs per day and 200 to 500 eggs in a lifetime – development to adult can be completed in just 5 weeks

Feeding habits

  • Feed at night using a piercing beak, but victims may not feel anything or have any reaction to their bites

  • Prefer to feed on humans, but will feed on other animals, including pets such as dogs, cats and birds

  • Can live for more than a year without a blood meal

  • Are not known to spread any diseases

I have Bed Bugs. Now what do I do? What does a bed bug exterminator cost?

Bed bug exterminator cost can vary but starts around $300 and goes up depending on number of rooms, severity of the infestation and other factors. This is because each bed bug infestation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized treatment plan. Admiral Pest Control’s licensed and trained bed bug exterminators will design a plan to address your specific situation.

What types of treatments does admiral offer?

Typically Bed Bug infestations are eliminated through the careful and precise application of bed bug specific pesticides. These usually include the use of residual product for immediate knockdown and continued control and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). IGR’s mimic insect growth hormones and do not allow the bed bug to develop into its next growth stage, causing deformation and death. These products are designed and EPA approved for use on mattresses, furniture, box springs, bed frames, carpet, couches, chairs, and other places bed bugs live and breed. It is recommend that the homeowner wash any bed linen, blankets, etc, that can be washed, in hot water.

In some cases, such as hotels or apartments, rooms can be heated with heating equipment to eliminate bed bugs.

In severe cases, fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire buildings (whole-structure) or certain materials, including box springs and mattresses, placed in a permanent or temporary chamber. Fumigation is the best option for treating bed bugs when the building is also having a termite issue, when immediate eradication of bed bugs is required, such as in multi-unit dwellings (hotels, apartments and dormitories), when occupants are highly allergic to bites or when there is zero tolerance for the infestation.

Watch this short video for information on Fumigation for Bed Bugs: