10 Insects With Superpowers

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Have you ever wondered how many insects there in the world? Though scientists don’t know the actual number of insects, they do know that there are over 91,000 different species of insects living inside the United States and more than 950,000 worldwide. With all that diversity there are bound to be some pretty unusual insects with superpowers. Here are ten super-powered insects brought to you by Admiral Pest Control.

  • The Cockroach. They might be nasty and fill you with dread, but fear is not their superpower. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes. If you think you can flush them down your toilet, think again.
  • The Bombardier Beetle. You don’t want to get to close to this critter. If threatened, the bombardier beetle can spray you with boiling liquid. You read correctly, boiling.
  • Parasitiod Wasps. They might be tiny little wasps, but their larvae are mind controllers. When a female wasp lays its eggs on a caterpillar, the wasps hatch and burrow inside. Once in, they can make the caterpillar their slave and control its brain.
  • Aphids. You might hate them on your rose bushes, but these little insects can harness the energy of the sun. Aphids can use their bodies as a solar panel and get energy directly from sunlight.
  • Dragonflies. Imagine a super hunter and you might think the mighty lion. Well, unfortunately for the lion it isn’t that great of a hunter when compared to the dragonfly. A lion will get less than half of what it decides to hunt. A dragonfly will get more than 95%.
  • Bark Spider. It might not technically be an insect, but this arachnid has super string webbing. It webs are the strongest natural substance on earth, and are 25 times stronger than steel.
  • Fishing Spider. If you though walking on water was biblical, this spider has been running across a pond near you for ages. The fishing spider can walk on water and hunt fish.
  • The Dung Beetle. Step aside superman; this insect can pull a whopping 1,000 times its own body weight.
  • Ironclad beetle. The ironclad beetle has a shell so thick that it takes a drill to cut through it. If you stomp on one of these beetles, it will easily get up and walk away.
  • Fleas. They might not be able to fly, but they can jump. Fleas can jump 100 times their own body length. If you could jump the same distance, it would be like rocketing over nearly 2 football fields.

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