5 Worst Insect Bite/Stings

5 Worst Insect Bite/Stings


When it comes to your house and the safety of your family, you’re very protective of them. Why? Because your house is expensive and your family is priceless so you’ll do whatever you can in your power to keep them safe. Guarding them from dangerous invaders is a priority because not only can infesting insects cause damage to your home but some of these pests can cause harm and injury to your loved ones. To protect themselves, insects use various measures of defense such as biting or stinging their victims. Below is a pest control in Bellflower's list of top 5 worst insect bites and/or stings:

Fire ants

Fire ants are an incredibly aggressive ant. They belong to colonies that can reach up to 250,000 ants and are omnivorous, eating both vegetation and meat. What these ants are known for are their bites. For most, the bite is a shocking sting followed by a red and painful welt but for a small percentage of those who are allergic, this bite can be fatal. Since these ants aren’t solitary, it is common to be stung by dozens of ants at a time. This causes a burning sensation for which ants get their name.

Honey bees

While we appreciate the honeybee for its contribution to our diet and pollination of our plants and produce, it doesn’t change the fact that their stings hurt. We want to protect the honeybee because of its role in agriculture, but we need to ensure they make their hives far from our homes. Bees will only attack if they feel their lives or hive are in danger but it costs them their life because once their stinger gets lodged in your skin, they die. Your pest control experts in Bellflower can help you keep these beneficial honey bees from nesting too close to your home.


Yellowjacket stings are painful and can result in swelling, redness, warmth, and itching at the site. These aggressive insects attack whenever they feel annoyed or threatened and unlike the honeybee, they don’t die when they sting so they can repeatedly inflict pain over and over. Keeping your home free from yellowjacket hives is vital when it comes to protecting your family from these painful attacks.


Though not technically an insect, scorpions are known for their dangerous and painful stings. With 8 legs, most people do not know that this creature is closely related to spiders, ticks and mites. Their stings produce a painful, tingling feeling and can cause redness and swelling. In rare cases, a more severe reaction with a fever, seizures, and even death can occur so it’s important to be vigilant and careful if you see a scorpion.


While mosquito bites aren’t necessarily the most painful, these are one of the most annoying and can pass on deadly diseases so they definitely make this list. Often times we don’t feel a mosquito bite as it happens but it’s the exasperating itch that can go on for days after that causes the most discomfort. Mosquitos are responsible for transporting a number of deadly diseases including West Nile and Malaria. Spraying your yard regularly for mosquitoes can reduce the number drastically and protect your family from harm.

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