A Few Upkeep Tips to Keep Summer Bugs Out of Your Home

A Few Upkeep Tips to Keep Summer Bugs Out of Your Home


When the temperature begins to rise, the bugs come out to play. Since your home is a good source of yummy food, shelter and uniform temperatures, many undesirable bugs will want to pay a visit. If you are tired of sharing your home with a myriad of insects and creepy crawlers, here are a few tips from Admiral Pest Control that will keep the bugs outside where they belong.

Keep a clean house. Didn’t your mother always tell you that cleanliness is close to insect-free-ness? Keeping a clean house is a major step in reducing invaders. Like you, insects need to eat to survive. If you drop a crumb, ants and cockroaches will find it. As the numbers of these invaders increase, you will soon see more bugs like spiders, assassin bugs and millipedes moving in to eat the first invaders. If you want to keep the bugs at bay, sweep and vacuum regularly. A quick vacuuming along your baseboards will get rid of the camouflaged spider. When dinner is done, clean up and make sure your dishes are washed. At times it can be a struggle making sure everyone in your household gets full, we shouldn’t be feeding the invaders too! Don’t forget after all that work to take out the trash as well.

Seal it up. Take a look around your home for cracks and spaces. Bugs do not need much space to get inside. If you have windows with broken screens it is time for a repair. If the seal around your windows are damaged, get some new caulk and make it secure. Make certain your door sweep creates a good seal. If you can see light coming in from under your door, insects can come inside as well. Check the outside perimeter of your home, especially around where pipes, cables and conduits enter. If there are gaps, cracks or spaces, seal them up. Sealing your home will create an effective defense. Also important, don’t forget to seal up your food. If you have dry goods keep them in sealed plastic containers. This will keep cereal moths and weevils away.

Responsive repair. Believe it or not, but leaky water can attract an insect. If you have a leaky pipes or a sink that drips, now is the time for repair. If you have sections of siding missing, get them replaced. If your brick is missing some mortar, there are quick mortar repair kits at your hardware store.

Call in the professionals The best way to keep insects out of your home is to call Admiral Pest Control. We are serious about pest control. Our knowledgeable technicians have years of experience dealing with infestations and wandering insects. If you are not certain how they are gaining access to your home, you will be happy to know that our technicians are problem solvers. When they arrive to your home, they come ready to work and create a pest free solution. When you want professional pest eradication, Admiral Pest Control is your solution. Call us today and schedule a visit from one of our courteous pest elimination specialists.