AAAK! Cockroaches!

The mere existence of cockroaches is a topic of interest and wonder for many within the scientific community since few species still found today have been in existence longer. Fossils have been discovered that date the ancestry of this species back 354 million years, long before even dinosaurs inhabited the Earth. Throughout global floods, worldwide famine, and devastating cosmic events the cockroach has not only survived but flourished even in the most difficult of environments. Although there are over 4,000 species of cockroaches throughout the world today, only thirty of them are known to interact with humans and earn the notoriety of being pests. Of these, the most common found within US households is the American cockroach (Periplaneta Americana) and its smaller cousin the German cockroach (Blattella germanica). Although fully capable of surviving outside and away from people, these species prefer to cohabitate our living quarters because of the ample food and shelter our homes provide. Of the many unique features that lends to the cockroach’s survivability is that they eat just about anything and are capable of digesting almost anything that contains nutritional value.

Cockroaches prefer living near water and will normally seek out dark places with high humidity. Within a home, this usually includes beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, underneath refrigerators, or even within walls. Like most insects the cockroach is nocturnal and will normally only seek out food during the evening hours. Since their diet is so vast they are often associated with the spread of dangerous bacteria and disease within their waste or by shedding their skin near human food products.

Through the use of pheromones within the body this species is able to signal other nearby roaches to the presence of danger or food. This greatly limits the risks that a single cockroach must endure and it is this group type of mentality that has ensured their survival throughout the ages. With a single female cockroach producing over 150 newborns each year, this species can prove to be very difficult to eliminate once established within a residence or building.

When attempting to remove cockroaches from your home or office, it is important to first eliminate any sources of easy access to nourishment. This includes placing pantry items within plastic storage containers, cleaning dishes and taking out trash immediately after meals, and removing any pet food left out during evening hours. The next step would be to limit the amount of hiding places around the home such as clutter within closets, underneath sinks, and throughout basements.

While the above methods can reduce a cockroach infestation, stronger pest control methods may be required, which of course Admiral Pest Control can help you with. Remember that ultimately even Mother Nature herself has been unable to stop the cockroach over millions of years; destroying a cockroach infestation will take a bit of time and professional help.