American Cockroaches aka "Water Bugs"

American Cockroach adult
American Cockroach adult

It's summer time here in Southern California and American Cockroach calls are on the rise at Admiral Pest Control. Often called "water bugs" these are actually American Cockroaches (a true water bug is an aquatic insect that lives in water unrelated to cockroaches.)

So... What's the deal with this gigantic freaky looking bugs?

American Cockroaches live and breed in warm moist areas and feed on organic matter. Luckily they rarely breed in structures due to their high moisture requirement. But for most people seeing one of these big bugs is too much! The most common ways these bugs end up inside your home is through sewer connections such as drains, entrance through gaps and cracks around the foundation, and following plumbing pipes into a structure.

How do I keep them out?

Make sure any unused sewer connections (drains, showers, toilets, etc) are sealed up properly with rubber plugs to prevent the cockroaches from coming through the pipes. Install weather stripping, rubber door sweeps, and use caulking/expansion foam as needed to close off any gaps around the exterior of the home. Also seal up around any plumbing coming out from the walls such as under sinks and behind toilets.


Following these steps is the most effective way to keep American Cockroaches out of your home. While they are very large (up to 4 inches) the good news is they rarely live and breed in homes and can usually be controlled without the use of pesticides. Follow the steps above to keep them from coming out of the sewer connections, seal up exterior entry points and you should be American Cockroach free!