Life Cycle of the Infamous Bed Bug

When you think of awful insects which could invade your home, bed bugs are always high on the list. The idea that something is feeding off your body while you sleep is enough to cause bouts of serious insomnia. If you have an infestation of Orange County bed bugs and you want them eliminated, Admiral Pest Control is here to help, we want you to be able to identify the problem and give us a call for the expert solution.

It All Starts With a Hitchhiker

Infestations get their start from hitchhiking. When you visit a place that has bed bugs, they grab ahold of your clothing or slip inside a purse and ride home with you. If you think you have never been to a place that has bed bugs, you are in for a terrifying surprise. Bed bugs are everywhere. The have been found in hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals, schools, daycares, public transportation, even inside of people’s vehicles.

Once your home has a female bed bug, she goes to work laying eggs. Under good conditions, she will lay 5 eggs every day. Bed bug eggs are white and small. Imagine the size of a sharpened pencil tip, and that is the size of a bed bug egg. In 4 to 12 days the eggs hatch and a miniature bed bug emerges. Bed bug nymphs look like a smaller version of the adult. In order for a bed bug to increase in size, it needs to molt its old skin. Each bed bug will do this about 5 times until they reach their adult size. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. From nymph to adult, each larval instar depends upon your blood for survival. Once a bed bug becomes an adult it is ready to produce more eggs and the life cycle begins again. If you decide to move to a different part of your home to avoid being bitten, bed bugs can go without feeding for more than a month. If they get desperate, they will find your pets.

Admiral Pest Control

When you want Orange County bed bug elimination, Admiral Pest Control is your answer. We have the most current and effective treatment options that will take care of the infestation. With Admiral Pest Control on your side, you can reclaim your right to have a bite free sleep. Give us a call.