Bedbugs: Those Annoying Freeloaders That Won’t Leave!

Is there anything more disturbing than the thought of something crawling around in your bed without you knowing it? Filmmakers create horror movies about such things, and yet we have a real life example of this kind of obnoxious parasite. It’s called the bedbug. Bedbugs are not only creepy they cause major discomfort in the way of itchy, irritated skin. Their favorite food is blood, so they need a host to live off of. And if they homestead your bed (or couch, or recliner, or any of your upholstered furniture), then YOU suddenly come their favorite snack bar. As a result you end up with some pretty nasty rashes or sores. Like the flea, the bedbug pierces skin with its needle-like fascicle (a fancy name for a mouth shaped like a tube) and then sucks the blood out, leaving an inflamed welt in its place. Yuck!

How Do You Get Bedbugs?

Obviously nobody wants bedbugs. But even though they’ve been eradicated from the United States for about 65 years, they made a comeback starting in the mid 1990s. How is that possible, you ask? It’s all due to the fact that the world is getting smaller. People travel worldwide now and they bring their parasites with them, usually packed in their luggage or on their clothing. And then what do travelers do when they reach their destination? They usually check into a hotel.


In the last 17 years, hotels have been a hotbed for bedbugs. When tired travelers sleep in hotel beds wearing their bedbug-infested pajamas, bedbugs take up permanent residency in the hotel beds and carpets…just waiting for the next tasty guest to check in.

And since bedbugs multiply like crazy they’re more than happy to hitch a ride on your clothing and luggage when you check out of in an infested hotel. They love to nestle in warm places and have no trouble going from one location to the next, as long as they can do so in the comfort of your suitcase or sweater.


And speaking of clothing, watch out when you try on clothes in thrift shops or even department stores. Even though it’s not nearly as common, bedbugs have been known to get into your home via clothing, both new and old. They can even attach themselves to your coat or shirt after you sit in an infested upholstered seat, such as in a bus, train, taxi, or even movie theatre.


And let’s not forget about your dear sweet dog or cat. Bedbugs aren’t picky, they’re just as happy to come into your home on your pet as they are in your suitcase.  Make sure any bedding your pet sleeps in after being kenneled is bedbug-free before you bring it back into the house. That means wash all bedding and your pet first thing after you return from a trip.

How Do You Get Rid of Bedbugs?

Sometimes, even with precautions, bedbugs still find their way into your home. If that happens your first instinct is to sleep somewhere else, like in a hotel or at a neighbor’s house. DON’T DO THAT! If you do, then you’ll probably drag the bedbugs with you, thus infesting a new location.

Instead, follow these steps:

1) Once you’ve determined you’ve got bedbugs, wash all clothing and linens that came in contact with the bedbugs, and put them in the dryer on high. Then fold and place the clean clothing and lines in airtight, plastic garment bags until you rid your house of bedbugs.

2) Call Admiral Pest Control right away. They’ll work with you to devise a custom treatment plan. There are many courses of action you can take, depending on how badly the little buggers have invaded your home. Spraying is an alternative or fumigation, if the problem is really bad. A trained professional at Admiral Pest Control can give you all your options after assessing your home.

Regardless of the treatment, don’t wait to call, because if you do infestation will only get worse. Bedbugs never go away by themselves. They’re like that annoying unwanted guest who comes for two days and stays for two weeks…or longer, if you’re a bedbug.