Bugs That Hibernate In Your Home during the Winter Season



When cold weather arrives, you can walk outside take a deep breath of the chilly air and be glad that mosquitoes and other insects are not around to ruin your outdoor enjoyment. If you think that all the insects are dead, you would be wrong. Like bears and other animals there are insects that go into hibernation when winter arrives. Your home acts as a perfect place for a sleeping bug. Here are a few hibernating insects that might be coming to a home near you.

  • Boxelder Bug: These black and red lined insects are not after you food, they are looking for a great place to overwinter. In the fall when the weather begins to drop, you may begin to see a large number of boxelder bugs sneaking into your home. Their flat bodies allow them to fit through small gabs and cracks around your doors and windows. One of the best ways to keep them out is to make sure that all the openings to your home have tight seals.

  • Flies: You might disagree, but for a fly your attic is the perfect place to take a long winter’s nap. It is protected from wind and snow and that is where flies will go. Since they are small and have wings, they can fit through the vents under the eaves of your home. Some fly species will gather in large masses to increase their warmth. You might not know it, but you could have hundreds to thousands of flies living in your attic.

  • Ladybugs: From children to adults, people like ladybugs. If they are swarming your home in the hundreds you might decide you don’t. Adult ladybugs are small enough to fit through cracks and gaps around your windows and doors. Like boxelder bugs, the best way to keep ladybugs out is to make sure you have good seals on the openings to your home.

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