Buzzing About: Dealing with Bugs that Sting

Even though I’ve been at Admiral Pest Control since the beginning there is one pest that bugs me: stinging insects. Better known as bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, these busy annoyances come out in the warmer months. And with summer coming I can only imagine what their plans are for a major resurgence. Although they primarily nest outside stinging insects are just as happy to take up residence inside your house in places like your walls or attic. And let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than having a swarm of self-centered hornets invading your living space just because they think they can.

That’s the thing about these buzzing bullies, they just won’t take no for an answer. When they feel threatened (which is whenever anyone gets within a few feet of them) they’d just as soon sting you as play leapfrog. And if anyone in your home is allergic to bee stings this can be a potentially life-threatening situation.

The best way to deal with stinging insects is to make your home uninviting as far as they’re concerned. Start your prevention in the early summer using these handy tips:

Identify potential “wasp neighborhoods”

No, I’m not talking about where white, Anglo Saxon, Protestants hang out. But rather pre-treat areas where stinging insects might like to build their nests: under porches and decks, in thick bushes, underneath exposed tree roots, in covered patios, inside the garage, under eaves, or any place where a paper nest might hang nicely.

Seal off all holes and cracks

Inspect the exterior of your house for cracked seals, rodent holes, or even gaps that are created from the natural settling of your home. A wise goal is to plug all unwanted openings by the first day of summer.

Invest in good window and door screens

Open a window and you might as well put up a VACANCY sign for any stinging insects that happen to buzz by. If you like fresh air in your home when the thermometer rises, get yourself some good screens.

Don’t leave food lying around outside

In addition to being gross and tacky it invites a multitude of pests, including all breeds of stinging insects. Unfortunately, they love a good barbecued steak just as much as you do (hornets and wasps are carnivorous!). So after any al fresco dining, be sure to immediately clean up your mess.

Make sure your garbage can lids are tight

This also keeps out rodents, cats, and coyotes, as well that annoying neighborhood dog.

Use diffusers, candles, and plants

Stinging insects are very sensitive to smells and therefore won’t nest where they think it’s stinky. Some say dryer sheets are a deterrent, but rather than hang what looks like tissues all over your home check with your local nursery for which plants, candles, and natural oils ward off anything that buzzes and has a stinger.

Even with all these precautions, you still can end up with a wasp’s nest near your favorite shady spot. If this is the case feel free to call Admiral Pest Control (at 888.739.7771 for L.A. County residents and 866-349-9211 for Orange County residents) to come assess the situation. Procrastination is NOT your friend when it comes to stinging insects. The longer you let them go, the bigger their nest becomes, the more territorial they get, and the harder they are to get rid of. As soon as you see a nest forming please call! We’d be happy to help you nip your stinging insect problem in the buzz, er, uh, I mean bud.