Cold Critters

Cold Critters


You know it is cold in Bellflower when the temperature outside drops below 40 degrees. Though we rarely, if ever, have to deal with snow in Bellflower there are a few insects that prefer frigid temperatures. Before you begin thinking about frigid temperatures in Bellflower, we are taking about sub-zero temperatures in the arctic. If you ever thought that all insects die during cold weather, you thought wrong.

Snow Flies Go up to the high mountain regions of Colorado and you will find a wingless fly that runs across the snow. It thrives in temperatures cold enough to make you never want to step outside. If you put other insects in subzero temperatures, they would freeze and die instantly. Snow flies are different because within their blood they produce glycol, which is a lot like the antifreeze you use in your car. Their blood can take extremely cold temperatures. You will find snow flies running across the snow when nothing else will.

Arctic Woolly Bear Moth If you thought the snow fly was extreme, the Artic Woolly Bear Larva will have your eyebrows hitting the top of your head. The mountain tops of the Western United States are too warm for this insect. If you want to see an Arctic Woolly Bear, you have to go to the Arctic Circle. In fact, a Woolly Bear Larva will spend ninety-five percent of its seven year life time frozen solid. The other five percent is spent eating. Like snow flies, the woolly bear creates its own antifreeze. Unlike snow flies, woolly bears can survive temperatures that are ninety-four degrees below zero. You read that right, take a hot day in California, make it negative and that is the temperature an arctic woolly bear can survive. When the weather is warm enough for plants to emerge, the woolly bear comes out of its frozen stasis and begins to eat. When cold weather returns, the woolly bear gets frozen again.

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