Creative & Functional Design Tips for Small Rooms

Creative & Functional Design Tips for Small Rooms


If you are living in a small home or apartment, there are several things you can do to make little rooms and spaces feel more spacious. Here are a few tips from your friends at Admiral Pest Control that will help you get the most out of a tiny space.

  • It’s all about storage, storage, storage: One of the biggest problems with a lack of space is clutter. If your items do not have a place, they will be out in your main living areas and reduce your living space. In order to combat clutter, you will need to become storage savvy. If you have a blank wall, bookcases will add storage area. You can utilize the space beneath beds by going with under the bed drawers. Hampers and baskets are a great way to increase the places you can put your stuff.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Reflective surfaces make a room feel more spacious. Large wall mirrors can create the illusion of doubling your living space. Glass end tables and coffee tables will do the same.
  • Turn your bed into a loft: If you have a tiny bedroom in your home, putting the bed up high will increase the space down low. Some bed lofts come with desks, book cases and dressers built in, which will increase you storage space as well.
  • Making your furniture versatile: Having furniture that can act as more than one thing will reduced the amount of furniture you need. Instead of a large couch, you can go with a folding futon. This can give you couch space, and also act as a bed when you have guests. If your kitchen space is limited, you can use storage ottomans as chairs. This will give you a place to put kitchen items and increase your seating potential.
  • A critical eye: One of the most important things you can have when looking at how to increase the space in your home is a critical eye. Take a step back and identify wasted space. Once the wasted space is identified, you can begin thinking of ways to utilize the area.
  • Pest Control: Now that your small living space is livable, let’s work to keep it that way. Nothing makes a home more unlivable than invading insects. That is why you can call Admiral Pest Control. Our, courteous and insect savvy technicians will eliminate any pest that is causing you concern.

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