DIY Gone Wrong

DIY Gone Wrong

Type in “DIY Pest Control” on a Google search and you will have more than two million results in under a minute. The amount of “supposed” control products will leave you baffled. Rather than trying to create a pest elimination product from tears and cayenne pepper, call the experts with Admiral Pest Control. When pest control is needed in Bellflower, you can count on us.

As amazing as DIY projects can be, it can change from amazing to abysmal. Numerous tragedies have been recorded in local newspapers about the misuse of pesticides. Below, you’ll find a list of reasons why applying pesticides should be left to the professionals.

Pesticides are Engineered Death Whether it’s for the cockroaches eating your food or the dandelions infesting the yard, pesticides are designed to kill. Misapplications can annihilate your favorite shade tree or send you and your neighbor to the hospital. Worse, it could end in death. Pesticide labels are loaded with information that identifies everything from application rates to what you should do in an emergency. Some labels can be as long as a novel, mistakes occur when you don’t read the entire thing. Our technicians are licensed professionals and understand the products used. We take the headache out of pesticide application.

Personal Protective Equipment Because they can be dangerous, some pesticides require protective gear. Breathing apparatuses, special gloves, suits and eyewear are standard equipment for our technicians. The biggest problem with chemical exposure isn’t from breathing or ingestion, it’s when you get it on your skin. In fact, 97% of all exposure to pesticides is through skin contact. Absorption rates for your face, neck and head are around 30%, while your crotch is nearly 100%. Admiral Pest Control arrives to your home ready to work and with all the right equipment.

Integrated Pest Management The first step in getting rid of pests is to understand the invaders. If you jump straight in to using pesticides, you are missing the idea of an effective treatment. There is a lot more to pest control than chemicals. Our technicians use the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Using this strategy allows us to create a multipronged treatment approach that will have your unwanted house guests running over to your neighbor’s home. We are serious about pest eradication. Each one of our technicians has years of dedicated experience. When you want pest elimination done right, Admiral Pest Control is the solution.

The Answer Rests with Admiral Pest Control From rodents and ants, to bed bugs and wasps, no matter what type of pest is causing you problems, we have a solution. Our technicians are licensed and they fully understand the pests and the pesticides they are working with. We have the expertise and the equipment. When you call us, we get the job done. Let our technicians do it right so you can avoid the pitfalls that can come from a google search and attempting to do it yourself.