Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Aranda

vanessaAn office operates only as efficiently as the people who run it. Which is why Vanessa Aranda has been so successful at Admiral Pest Control. Working out of the Bellflower office, Vanessa is the office manager for the Pest Department, but has worn many hats since she began working at Admiral Pest Control nearly 12 years ago. Back in 2001 Vanessa started out as a secretary in the Bellflower office, but then after four years she was promoted to Admiral Pest Control’s Orange County office manager. Eventually she managed both the Bellflower and Orange County offices, however, just this fall Admiral combined the two locations into the Bellflower office. Vanessa was responsible for overseeing this move, making sure all important equipment and files were properly merged, and that nothing was overlooked or left behind.

Today Vanessa keeps the office running smoothly. “On a daily basis I handle scheduling, and coordinate with the technicians,” she explains. She’s also the face of Admiral Pest Control for any customer with a question or concern, and because of that she has a unique perspective from both the company and customer’s point of view.  “I take customer calls no matter what the issue might be.”

Because Admiral Pest Control is not a big conglomerate where customers are just numbers, Vanessa has the unique opportunity to give personal attention to anyone who contacts the office. This makes her job so much easier when customers call, because they get to talk to person who actually knows what’s going on, so issues get resolved quickly.

But what is it specifically that Vanessa loves about working at Admiral Pest Control?

That’s easy. “The environment,” she answers quickly. “I really like the people I work with. It’s a tight knit group that’s like a family. Plus everyday is an ongoing learning experience. Everything changes so quickly that I’m always finding out something new about the pest control industry, and that keeps things interesting.”

But what Vanessa appreciates most about working at Admiral Pest Control is the how the company values their employees and gives back to the community. Her favorite event is the Relay for Life race and fundraiser the company participates in every summer. Five years ago the employees of Admiral Pest Control created Team Admiral after company president, Jeff Jones, beat cancer. It was their chance to give back to a community that had been so supportive of Jeff and Admiral Pest Control during a difficult time.

And that same support extends individually to the employees in the Admiral Pest Control family.

“Right after Jeff got cancer my uncle was diagnosed with colon cancer. My mom and I cared for my uncle, which meant I needed more personal time. Both Jeff and Brian [Jeff’s brother, who jointly runs Admiral Pest Control with Jeff] were sympathetic and cooperative when I had to be away from the office. I appreciate that kind of support at work.”

And it’s obvious that Admiral Pest Control appreciates Vanessa, as well. After 12 years (and counting) of valued service Jeff and Brian have confidently trusted Vanessa with managing the Pest Department office. That means if you ever call Admiral Pest Control with a Pest Department question, you will talk to Vanessa. Isn’t it nice to know your inquiries will be answered by someone who actually knows what’s going on? As a customer that should give you peace of mind even if you don’t have to make that call.