Flying Termites

Drywood Termite Swarmer

It happens every year in Southern California. We get a heat wave in late summer and Drywood termites start flying everywhere. The epidemic usually only lasts for a week or so but can be a cause for concern for homeowners. Let's address some common concerns about this epidemic.

Why are they flying?

A mature termite colony will swarm once or twice a year. The colony produces winged termites that can fly and they are sent away from the colony to establish new colonies. Only a small number of the swarmers survive to develop new colonies. Many die from dehydration, injury, or fall prey to other animals or insects (ants) that will eat them. When a pair of swarmers gets together, they shed or pull off their wings and immediately attempt to enter wood. Swarmers usually enter wood through cracks, natural checks, overlapping or adjoining pieces, or exposed end grain. A very small nest is developed after the pair has mated.


What should I do it I see them around my home?

It is very common to see termite swarmers flying outside during swarming season. The cause for concern is when they are swarming from your house. This can include finding them inside the house in large numbers (more than 10) or seeing them flying out of wood members on your house. Termite swarmers are attracted to light so it is very common to find them around windows or inside ceiling lights. If you see them inside your home or business that usually indicates an active Drywood Termite colony somewhere inside. A professional termite inspection is what you need to identify where the infestation is and what the necessary treatment is. It's important to remember that although the swarming only lasts a few days a year, the termites cause damage all year around. Swarming is just an indication of an established problem. Call or text our office 562-925-8308 to set up a termite inspection with one of our licensed inspectors.