Four No-Sweat Ant Prevention Tips For Your Los Angeles County Home

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There’s a long list of things you could be doing to keep ants away from your Los Angeles County property, but most homeowners have limited time and resources when it comes to pest prevention. With these four easy tips, you can keep ants away and still have time to yourself.

Which Ants In Los Angeles County Should You Avoid?

There are several types of ants in Los Angeles County that invade homes, and they all cause trouble for the inhabitants. Regardless of the type of ant you have, you can be certain it will be a nuisance. They all contaminate your food and are all difficult to eliminate. Some ants are dangerous, and others cause damage. In any case, ant prevention is crucial.
One of the most common ants is the Argentine ant. This ant is dark or light brown and moves in long trails. Typically, they have large colonies with more than one queen. Unfortunately, this makes eliminating these ants very challenging.
Carpenter ants are also common in the area. To create nests, these Los Angeles County ants tunnel into wood. In addition to damaging your wood, carpenter ants may get into your food storage. Pharaoh ants are also quite prevalent and have a transparent appearance. Although they don’t damage wood, they tend to chew holes in silk and fabric. 

The Keys To Keeping Ants Out

If you don’t want ants in your home, you need to be proactive. Ants often seek out sweet or protein-rich food. Additionally, they need water to survive, and like areas with excess moisture. By taking away some of the features that ants desire, you can protect your home from them.

All of the following are ant prevention tips:

1. Seal Up Entry Points

Although this tip sounds simple, it’s not. Even the largest of ants can sneak into a home through a small crack. To eliminate all potential ant entrances, you need to scrutinize the exterior of your home. If you find any cracks or crevices, seal them up with caulk. Check your screens for holes or rips, and use screen tape to seal them up.
Ants can also enter your home through gaps under your doors or around your windows. Once you identify gaps, use whatever measures necessary to seal up those gaps.

2. Seal Your Garbage Cans 

Your garbage cans probably come with lids, but do you use them? If not, you could be attracting ants to your yard. Avoid overfilling your garbage cans, and always secure them with a lid. Otherwise, the food inside your garbage will keep ants on your property.
Inside your home, you should do the same. If you don’t have indoor garbage cans with lids, buy some from your favorite store. 

3. Seal Your Food 

Cardboard boxes and flimsy bags aren’t secure enough to keep your food safe from ants. One way to prevent ants from taking over your property is to store your food in tightly sealed glass and plastic canisters. A small opening is all an ant needs to get into your food. When you buy food from the grocery store, transfer it to a container before placing it in your pantry.

4. Address Issues With Moisture

There are usually several sources of moisture inside or outside a home. Leaking plumbing fixtures, poor drainage, and a lack of ventilation can create excess moisture. To keep your home safe from ants, find ways to fix those moisture problems. Doing so makes your property less appealing to ants. 

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