Fun DIY Outdoor Fall Decor Tips



In our homes, much effort is concentrated on decorating and beautifying. Why do we do it? Because it brightens and enlivens our living space, making it a more pleasing, relaxing and comfortable place to be. The same goes for our porches and yards. By simply adding some festive or cheery decor, we bring life to the face of our homes and happiness to those who come to our doors. Especially with the Halloween approaching, getting your yard, porch and front door into boo-tiful shape is a welcoming and friendly gesture to all those excited trick-or-treaters soon to come your way. Below are several tips to making your yard and porch fall festive this season.

Use color

Fall colors are vibrant and brilliant so when you start adding decor to your porch and yard, bring in beautiful hues of the rainbow. You can stick with the fall color theme of red, orange, and yellow or you can go with the spooky feel of orange, purple, black and lime. Either will delight your guests.

Add natural elements

Bringing in splashes of nature to your porch is a great idea, especially nature commonly associated with the fall. Adding a couple hay bales, corn stalk bunches, and pumpkins of all sizes are an easy idea that doesn’t need too much creativity or crafting skills.


Outdoor yard and house lights don’t need to be reserved for Christmas alone. Add a couple strings of orange lights mixed with a fall leaf garland around a railing for a pretty, autumn glow in the evening. Changing out your porch light for a fun orange or purple lightbulb will also excite all your trick-or-treaters.

Hang a festive wreath

Hanging a fun, fall or Halloween wreath on your door is another way to add life and character to your door. Whether it’s a simple faux leaf wreath or an elaborate Pinterest inspired creation, any will add that festive, fall cheer to your doorway.

Display creative yard ornaments

Last, if you want to go all out, adding fun, fall inspired yard ornaments to your flower beds or creating a spooky graveyard on your lawn can be the culminating touches to your decked out, festive yard.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take crazy amounts of creativity to whip up a beautiful fall yard. All it takes is a little know-how and desire and soon your porch and yard will be cozy and inviting. Don’t forget one of the most important steps this fall when you need pest control in Bellflower! Call Admiral Pest Control to give your home the protection it needs. Fall is prime time for all pests to break into your home for a little warmth and protection. The professional technicians at Admiral Pest Control will give your home the defense necessary to keep the invaders out. Getting your home picture perfect this fall is easy and so is keeping it pest free. Call us today!

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