Guinea Fowl Pest Control?

Guinea Fowl Pest Control?


Whether you live on a farm, grow backyard vegetables or have amazing flower beds, you will always have to deal with the same problem, insects. Tobacco cutworms will make a mess of your flowers. Japanese beetles will devour your fruit trees, kill your rose bushes, and eat your tomatoes and peppers down to nothing. Ticks want to drink your blood. Your solution for insect control might be the Guinea Fowl.

Bugs are on the Menu

Guinea fowl are tough and do not get sick like chickens. They are a free range bird that devours insects. From grasshoppers and ticks to worms and beetles, guinea fowl will significantly reduce the number of bothersome bugs on your property. You will find that they do not scratch the dirt like chickens, which means they won’t ruin your flower beds and garden. Like chickens, they will provide you with eggs. Unlike chickens, they will try to hide them from you. Guinea fowl will form a line and work together to scare up insects. They can even scare off snakes.

Guinea Fowl Considerations

  • Noise: Guinea fowl are not a quiet bird. You might want to check with your neighbors before your make a purchase.
  • Laws: If you live in suburbia, you will want to read over your town ordinances to make sure you can own backyard poultry. Some cities will not allow it.
  • Food and Shelter: While Guinea fowl are mostly self-reliant, you are going to need to build them a roost shelter and provide supplemental food. This is especially true when winter comes.
  • Without Boundaries: Guinea fowl do not respect property lines. They will cross fences, and hang out in trees. This is another reason you are going to want to talk to your neighbors.
  • Properly Trained: You will need to train your birds not to eat your garden produce. The best way to keep them from eating your vegetables is to avoid feeding them garden waste from your crops.

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