How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Orange County?

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Nobody likes mosquitoes. They are annoying and just plain gross, not to mention dangerous. Combating them is a ritual every Southern California home practices. The ridiculous amount of money spent on sprays, citronella candles, and torches is enough to make you scream. How come you just can’t have a peaceful evening on the patio without buzzing? Admiral Pest Control has the answer.

Mosquito Factoids

Mosquitoes are very common on every continent, except Antarctica. There are 3,500 known types of mosquitoes worldwide. Not all of them bite or spread disease, and among the biting variety, it’s only the females that do the bloodsucking. The mosquitoes’ name is of mixed origin from Spain and Portugal, it means “little fly.” Here are a few more interesting factoids about mosquitoes:

  • They will bite day or night.
  • It only takes a few of them to start an outbreak in a community, potentially making hundreds of people sick.
  • Only the female mosquitoes bite. She needs a ‘blood meal’ to produce eggs.
  • They can live indoors or outdoors.
  • Their lifespan is between two to four weeks.
  • Type O blood is their favorite.
  • They are especially attracted to pregnant women.

Why They Are Dangerous

Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. They can spread deadly diseases that do not affect them. This includes diseases that can also be transferred from animal to human via a mosquito bite, specifically the West Nile virus. The following is a list of some of the diseases spread by mosquitoes:

  • Zika virus – Women that bear children while infected with this virus usually have babies with a serious health condition.
  • West Nile virus – There is no known treatment for WNV at this time. 1 out of 150 people that contract the virus suffer serious and sometimes fatal illnesses.
  • Malaria – We are experiencing a spike in cases this year. Recently we have been seeing about 410,000 cases worldwide, mostly children.
  • Encephalitis – Causes inflammation of the brain, which can lead to epileptic seizures, severe headaches, and more.
  • Dengue – Annually 25,000 people die from Dengue.
  • Chikungunya – Presents with horrible joint pain that lingers for years. There is no treatment.

The Aedes aegypti (the yellow fever mosquito) and Aedes albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito) have been detected in Orange County. These mosquitoes are not native to California, and can transmit Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever.

How To Keep Them Away

Many things attract mosquitoes to your property. As always, we have a thriving mosquito population. The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control office has rolled out its 2021 campaign: “Tip, Toss and Take Action.” This campaign encourages all Orange County residents to tip over any vessels that contain standing water weekly, toss unneeded containers, and take action by applying bug repellant.

  • Standing or stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. This includes ponds, unattended birdbaths, potted plants with saucers, clogged gutters, old tires, and any vessel that could hold water.
  • Leaf mold or any type of damp decaying plant matter can attract them, and needs to be cleared away.
  • Hedges, shrubs, and grass should be trimmed regularly.
  • Do not leave animals’ watering bowls out overnight.

The above items are actions you can take for your property, but let’s not forget that you live on your property and you are part of the attraction.

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We have been doing business in Orange County since 1947 when our grandparents started the company out of their Bellflower home. To say we have experience with Southern Californian pests is an understatement. Reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Admiral Pest Control today to learn more about our mosquito control services!

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