How Maggots Saved My Life

How Maggots Saved My Life


You fight against ants, worry about bed bugs, and treat your house if you get termites. Amid your personal war against nature’s six-legged adversaries, have you ever wondered if an insect could save your life? As disturbing as it may appear, this squirmy grub is saving lives and has been doing it for much of human history. There are reports of soldiers being injured in battle in World War 1 with wounds that should have killed them. Fortunately for the soldiers, maggots intervened. They kept their wounds from rotting and kept them alive.

Your friend the maggot Meet the blowfly larva, or maggot, as most people would say. The idea of maggots crawling around an open wound might seem akin to some of your most terrifying nightmares, but it is effective. In our modern world there are some bacteria that are resistant to medical drugs. If you get hurt and your wound gets infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), you could be in serious trouble. If the slurry of bacteria killing medicines won’t work, you could be facing amputation or death. That is until you bring in the maggots. Not even MRSA can stop a maggot. Blowfly larva love eating flesh that is dead or decaying. They are more effective at cleaning up a wound than the most talented surgeon. They secrete enzymes that break down gangrene and kill off bacteria. Their secretions even assist your body with healing.

Medicinal Maggots If you ever get a wound that is too stubborn to heal, you might be asked if you want medicinal maggots. Unlike maggots that were used in ancient history, these blowfly larvae are grown in clean environments. You will be given a special bandage that will allow the maggots to breath while they do all of the dirty work. Over the next 72 hours the wound will get sloppy and might smell, but a bit of disgust is a small price to pay when you want to heal threatening wounds. It is about time that pesky insects do something to pay back society.

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