How to Have a Beautiful Yard This Fall

How to Have a Beautiful Yard This Fall

During the summer, your yard and gardens bloom and flourish, enhancing the beauty of your home and providing color and life to your yard. When the fall season comes however, it may be difficult to maintain this beauty when it seems as if nature is using your lawn as its own personal garbage can at times. With the fall winds that scatter falling leaves, petals, wilting plants and even a tumbleweed or two, it can feel like an uphill battle keeping your yard in pristine shape. However, by maintaining your yard in the fall, your lawn and flower beds will thank you in the springtime. Getting ready for winter in important and it will make all the difference when springtime comes along. Below are some tips on how to beautify your yard this fall and get it ready for winter.

1-Keep on mowing Don’t stop watering or mowing during the fall. Drop your mower blade to the lowest setting on the last two cuttings of the year. This will help the weaker autumn sunshine reach the crown of the blade and keep it green longer.

2-Aerate your lawn Aeration helps water, oxygen and fertilizer more easily reach the roots.

3-Rake the fall leaves Removing the leaves quickly from the lawn prevents them from getting wet with the morning dew, thus creating a dense mat of material that blocks out sunlight and oxygen. Your lawn will soon turn brown and can become more susceptible to fungi caused by decomposing leaves.

4-Fertilize the lawn and flowers During the cooler fall months, grass and flower plants grow slowly but the roots grow quicker. Spreading fertilizer helps bring nutrients back into the soil and roots, getting them ready for healthier season in the spring.

5-Weed, weed, weed! Since plants are in energy consuming mode during the fall, now is the time to fight those weeds. Weeds suck up water quicker in the fall which also means they do the same with weed killer. Spray the weeds liberally to help discourage rampant weed growth in the spring.

6-Pruning Prune any dead or overgrown bushes and perennials in the fall. This also gives your yard a clean and beautiful appearance. Just be careful not to cut too much off, this will shock the plant or tree and cause injury, making it difficult to recover from the harsh winter.

7-Pest Control Last but not least, keep the pests at bay! Call Bellflower Pest Control to eliminate any troublesome pest infestations. During the fall, pests seek the warmth and shelter of your house but be prepared and ready before they have a chance to descend on your cozy home.

You take great care of your yard all spring and summer long, but don’t forget these imperative fall maintenance tips that will not only prepare your plants for winter, but bring beauty and life to your yard all season long. Call Bellflower Pest Control to finish the job, providing your home with long lasting pest control protection year round. We are happy to serve you!

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