How to Protect Your Property from Halloween Pranks and Vandalism



When you think of Halloween, images of pumpkins, caramel apples and smiling trick-or-treaters comes to mind. Halloween can also have a darker side, if the nefarious activities of teenage vandals are a problem around your neighborhood there are things you can do to protect your home and property from problems.

  1. Keep the light on. If you don’t like handing out candy, there is a common knowledge that you turn your lights off as a sign that you are not participating. Unfortunately, a darkened yard is what draws in vandals. They don’t want to be seen while they go into their destruction mode. Turn on your yard lights, if you have areas that are not well lit, consider installing motion detector flood lights.

  2. Active watch. You can sit on your porch, greet trick-or-treaters and hand out candy. Potential vandals will see that you are outside watching the yard and will decide that your home is too well lit and has too many watchful eyes.

  3. Electronic eyes. If sitting outside sounds like the worst idea ever, you might want to install a surveillance system. You can install signs telling visitors that your property is under video surveillance. Vandals will choose a different house to toilet paper.

  4. Upgrade your mailbox. If mailbox bashing is a common problem in your neighborhood, it might be time for an upgrade. There are steel mailboxes that are thick enough to shatter baseball bats and leave the culprit in tears. If your street doesn’t suffer from baseball bats, but vandals filling your box with unwanted trash, several companies sell security mailboxes that will keep that from happening.

  5. Call the police. If the vandalism is getting to the point where your property is getting damaged and you have to pay for the problems, call the police. Their presence will deter mischief of any kind, and they can help track down the culprits.

By taking the rights steps, you can protect your home and yard, enjoy the treats of Halloween, and cut down on the tricks.

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