How to Identify Bed Bugs

If you live in Orange County, chances are you are going to come into contact with bed bugs. If you thought that you could only find bed bugs in rundown hotels, you thought wrong. You can find bed bugs in movie theaters, restaurants, office buildings, schools, barracks, you name it. There have even been cases where bed bugs have been found living inside of peoples cars. Admiral Pest Control wants to educate you on bed bugs. Remember, that when you need bed bug control in Orange County, we are your local answer.

The Signs of the Insect

Bed bugs are small and tan. They are about the size of an apple seed. If you see one, you might never know it was a bed bug. The best way to find bed bugs is to look for the signs of an infestation.

  • Blood Spots: Bed bugs are lazy. While you sleep, they will suck your blood and defecate on you at the same time. These spots are reddish to a rusty brown color and are about the size of a pin head. You will find them on your pajamas, and your sheets. This is the first clue.
  • Bite Marks: Just because you get bit doesn’t mean you have bed bugs. There are a lot of insect bites that look similar. Remember, bed buds are lazy, they will bite you multiple times in a row. Bite marks are a useful sign if you are also noticing the blood spots.
  • Finding the Culprit: Bed bugs like to hide during the day, but if you know their hiding places, you can find them. Bed bugs often like hard surfaces. Look around your box springs for blood marks and groups of flat little insects. You might also want to check in the dark areas of your night stand, behind pictures, in electrical outlets and on anything that is under your bed. Bed bugs don’t have wings and they don’t move very fast.

Admiral Pest Control

If you find bed bugs in your home, or if you find insects that you think might be bed bugs, give us a call. Our technicians are expert bed bug eradicators. We know how to find them and eliminate them from your home. When you want the best in Orange County bed bug control, you need to call Admiral Pest Control.