What is Integrated Pest Management?

Admiral Pest Control is dedicated to targeting pest infestation in Los Angeles. In order to be effective at eliminating pests, we use the proven process of Integrated Pest Management.

  1. Identify: The first step in IPM is to identify the pest. Running around spraying your home with over-the-counter pesticides is not only dangerous; it’s a waste of money. Broad spectrum treatments are not specific; they kill off beneficial insects as well as the bad ones. In addition, you end up living with potentially harmful pesticides. Our technicians understand pests and their lifecycles. That way we can create a refined treatment approach that will stop pest invaders in their tracks.

  2. Reconnaissance: After our technicians identify the problem pests, they do a bit of homework for your home. They note the number of pests, the severity of the infestation, and the damage they have caused.

  3. Prevention: There is a lot more to pest control than showing up to your home and killing a few mice. Our technicians want to prevent future infestations. For rodents, that means taking an exterior inventory of your home and identifying access points and hotspots. If the problem is bed bugs, we will teach you techniques to reduce the risk of a re-infestation.

  4. The multipronged treatment approach: Lastly, we use a multipronged treatment approach that combines various methods for complete pest eradication. Insects, rodents and arachnids won’t know what hit them. The methods of IPM include; Biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical control options.

The Methods

  • Biological means putting Mother Nature to work for you. Throughout the pest world there are predators. Biological control means strengthening the predators and weakening the prey.

  • Cultural means changing the way you think about pests. For instance, if you underwater your lawn, you weaken its ability to fight off root eating grubs.

  • Mechanical control is all about traps and exclusion. The mouse trap is a perfect example of using a mechanical control. Another example is making certain your screen windows don’t have any holes in them; this will reduce the risk of a carpet beetle infestation.

  • The last method is chemical. With Admiral Pest Control you know that the safety of you family is our priority. We use chemicals that are safe for you, your family and the environment, yet being perfect for pest control.

Admiral Pest Control

When you put all of these treatment options into a robust plan, any pest that is plaguing your home will be eradicated. That is why we use Integrated Pest Management; it is our key to conquering infestations. With Admiral Pest Control on your side you can win the war on pests.