Keeping Termites Away From Your Los Angeles County Property

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It’s a good thing if you don’t see pests openly hanging around your Los Angeles County home or business. However, it’s not a guarantee that there aren’t any issues. Several insects and creatures have the ability to penetrate and reside inside a property without being caught. When it’s a critter that can reproduce at a rapid rate, the stakes are higher. Their presence may not be evident until the destruction is significant. This is how it is with termites.

Termites create $5 billion worth of calamity each year in the United States. They are bugs that wreck wood, often quietly from the inside and out. Insurance companies are notorious for not helping in reducing these costs. Find out how you can build a defense against these insects with Admiral Pest Control. 

How Do Termites Behave? What Are the Risks?

In termite colonies, every member has a specific part to play. They are either workers, soldiers, or swarmers. The size and color of each vary across subspecies. Typically, pervasive workers in this area are white or grayish-white and 0.12 of an inch long. As you might guess, their “job” is to mangle wood. Soldiers are differentiated by their rectangular heads and the prominent jaws they use to guard the clan. Swarmers are winged and fly out of nests to mate. The ½ of an inch long bugs are often black, brown, or yellow. Expect to see them near windows and lamps, since they are drawn to light. While the former two stay concealed behind foundations and in soil, swarmers allow themselves to be seen. They are an obvious indication of an infestation. Other signals are

  • Discovering scaly and translucent swarmer wings
  • Noticing heaps of fecal frass by the mud tubes, maze patterns, and holes of termites
  • Having hollow-sounding walls
  • Hearing clicking and rustling from the inside of foundations
  • Observing that paint is peeling and looking damaged by water
  • Seeing that drywall is off-color and wilting
  • Disengaging tiles
  • Yielding floorboards 
  • Doors and window frames that are taut

Bases and walls will no doubt become unsteady with a growing termite infestation. Human well-being and livelihood will be on the line. If a post caves, someone could be seriously hurt. In the worst-case scenario, death may happen. Those who have homes might be in a position to relocate. Depending on the circumstances, the move could be permanent. Business owners will be facing possible closure, income losses, and more. Repairs aren’t a given because they are very expensive. Disease transmission is not a worry with termites, although allergic reactions are.

How Can You Prevent Termites?

You have to be consistent with your lawn and building maintenance to reduce the chances of a termite invasion. Preventative measures are a must:

  • Dispose of or refurbish ruined and decayed wood. 
  • Repair moisture malfunctions and leaks immediately. Those wetting wood are a priority.
  • Patch up openings in foundations, caulk, and utility lines. 
  • Be sure to attach screens to all vents that face the outside. 
  • Routinely flush out vents and gutters. 
  • Distance woodpiles and plants from the property by at least two feet.
  • Never let loose wood, like carpentry panels, sit on the soil. 
  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery regularly. Remove yard debris.

What Can Admiral Pest Control Do About Termites?

Commercial products just won’t do when it comes to termite elimination. They are often too weak to wipe out colonies in the long run. Only Admiral Pest Control has the high-end, concentrated treatments required. Our experienced technicians will apply safe BoraCare or Termidor® to key spaces. Fumigation and wood replacement services are available if needed. Warranties are included. Call us today at Admiral Pest Control for a free inspection!  

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