Meet Pete!

Admiral Pest Control’s Peter Godinez is the Employee Spotlight of the Month Few companies last longer than a fashion trend, let alone make it to their golden anniversary. Admiral Pest Control is one of those rare family-owned businesses that has been running for 65 consecutive years and is still going strong. How is that possible, you might ask?

“It’s the people who work here,” says Peter Godinez, a 17-year devoted Admiral Pest Control employee. “Even though it’s a family-owned business it’s like a family in and of itself.”

I caught up with Peter to get the inside scoop on what makes Admiral Pest Control tick (pun intended) and to get a little insight on the people who work there.

Seventeen years ago Peter started at Admiral as a pest technician, but it didn’t take long for his bosses to see that he was an asset they wanted to keep. Within two years he was promoted to a supervisory position, and then a couple of years after that he became the manager of the Pest Department. Today he works in the L.A. County office in Bellflower as the branch manager of both the Pest and Termite Departments.

I asked him, what’s the most note-worthy thing about your job?

“It’s definitely the people I get to work with,” he replies. “There’s always something new and interesting in the industry to learn, however I love that we hire different types of people, each bringing in their various backgrounds. But because the working environment at Admiral is so supportive this diverse bunch always successfully comes together as a team.”

Peter would know, since he’s felt that way since day one. “Personally, I can say that the owners of Admiral Pest Control have always treated me like family. And I know others who work here feel the same way. In fact, in the past there have been a few employees who’ve left, but then eventually come back because they soon find out that other companies were not nearly as nice to work for.”

That’s not to say Peter doesn’t have time for his own family. A single dad of a teenage son and daughter, Peter’s free time is devoted to his children. “My main purpose in life now is to get my kids through high school and into college,” he says. “But being teenagers they always have a lot going on. My 14-year daughter sings in the choir, so we go to her concerts. And my 17-year-old son used to play baseball and football, but now he’s focused on his studies in preparation for college. Occasionally my son tries to get the best of me if we play a little basketball together,” Peter lightheartedly adds, “but I try to stay in shape to not let that happen.”

And when Peter has that rare moment to himself?

“I play in a men’s softball league twice a week and participate in tournaments sometimes on weekends.”

With people like Peter working at Admiral Pest Control it’s no wonder the company has lasted well over half a century. Admiral has obviously figured out what often eludes so many other businesses; that being loyal to your employees and customers makes them loyal to you. Don’t believe me? Just ask Peter Godinez. He’s planning on being around for quite a while—at least long enough to help make Admiral Pest Control’s next 65 years equally successful!