Moon Walking With Mice

Hey, me again. Remember last time when I told you I saw a mouse creep across my deck and I was going to take some preventative steps to keep him from setting up shop in my house? Well, apparently those steps DID NOT work, because just this morning I saw about 50 mice doing a flash mob dance in the basement to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. moonwalk

Or at least that’s what I thought I saw, but then upon closer inspection I realized they were just scrounging for food while someone upstairs was listening to 80s classic pop.

Either way, that is just not cool (the mice that is, not the 80s classic pop).

Being that I have connections, I called my friends at Admiral Pest Control. Admiral has been getting rid of pests in Orange and L.A. Counties since 1947. In fact, they’re the longest, contiguous, family-held pest control business in Southern California. Headquartered in Bellflower, they also have an office in Garden Grove, so they actually live in the communities they service. What a concept.

After I told my buddy at Admiral I saw mice moonwalking in the basement he said they’d be right out. But in the mean time he offered the following advice:

  1. If the mice decide to bust a move again before they get there, get it on HD video cam because that kind of stuff is golden on YouTube, and
  2. Look for traces of where else the mice might be hanging out.

Like what? Mouse-size empties of Bud Light in the corners of the living room after the Super Bowl?

Possible, but not probable. Definite signs of rodents lurking in your home include:

  •  Finding droppings (a single rodent can leave anywhere from 30 to 180 droppings-gross!)
  • Small urine stains (especially in corners or along baseboards)
  • A distinctive, musky odor (from the urine and droppings)
  • Body oil and dirt streaks (left by rodents when they roam)

You’re more likely to see these kinds of signs in the winter, since rats and mice move indoors when it gets cold. After all they love the comfort of central heating, as well as the convenience of food brought to them in Costco-size boxes (which, by the way, are so fun and easy to chew through).

Come to think of it, the basement had been a little foul-smelling lately. But I thought it was because basketball season had started, which means the kids in this house (as well as their gym clothes) were a little stinkier than usual. Turns out it was more than that.

I thanked my friend at Admiral and said that I looked forward to seeing him soon. He said the same but then also gently reminded me that I had been a little remiss in my responsibilities when it comes to pest control.

“What ever do you mean?” I slyly asked him.

He said that we’d discuss it when he got there to take care of the rodent problem.

Curious? Me too. Although, I think I know what he’s talking about. Come back next week and I’ll fill you in.

Until then I’m going to charge up my video camera. I want to be ready if the cockroaches decide to move in and throw a party once the mice are gone.