Mosquitoes Eat Away at Your Health

Summer can be itchy, and not because you were foolish enough to acquire a really bad sunburn or a wool bikini. No, the number one itch-creator in the summer is (ugh!) mosquitoes! Mosquitoes love the warm weather as much as college coeds love spring break. They’re just about as tenacious, too (the mosquitoes, that is). Although nobody ever invites mosquitoes to an outdoor party, they always tend to show up and wreak havoc. And it can be even worse if they get into your house, because now you’re living with the little suckers, which means you’re on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But more than just an itchy nuisance, mosquitoes can be a health hazard, as well. These tiny winged creatures spread disease faster than a flu-infested toddler, distributing everything from West Nile Virus to La Crosse encephalitis to malaria. How is that possible? Because mosquitoes become carriers of human-born diseases when they feed off infected people. Even though mosquitoes don’t suffer from the illnesses that infect humans, they do transport these diseases, which makes them one scary summer pest!

Unfortunately, there aren’t cures for mosquito-spread diseases after the fact, so it’s best NOT to get bitten in the first place. You can help limit your exposure to mosquitoes by making your yard inhospitable for them, using these simple tips:

 1. Remove Standing Water Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. When these eggs hatch, you have a lot of hungry baby mosquitoes. To avoid this problem, get rid of puddles and ponds in your yard. And if you have decorative water treatments make sure the water constantly moves.

 2. Get Some Fish If you have a pond you want to keep, stock it with fish such as koi or gambusia. They eat the mosquito larvae that float on the water’s surface.

3. Empty Wading Pools Don’t let your toddler’s wading pool sit out all day. After your children are done playing in their pool, empty it.

4.   Clean Rain Gutters The rain gutters on your house usually contain dammed up water from leaves, dust, or any debris that blows in from a storm. Routinely clean your rain gutters at least once a month during the summer (or more as needed).

5.   Keep Your Grass Cut When grass gets long it collects moisture and dew, and can even form hard-to-see puddles. This becomes an oasis for mosquitoes looking for a protected place to lay eggs. Keeping your grass mowed not only looks nice, it discouraged mosquitoes from hanging out.

But even with all this sound advice, sometimes the best preventions can fail. If you have a mosquito problem you can’t overcome, feel free to call Admiral Pest Control to help you out. We safely treat your yard to eliminate annoying mosquitoes and other flying insects. We have advanced pest control technology that not only gets rid of your existing pest problem, but also keeps those little buggers away once they’re gone.

After all, it’s your yard, you should be able to enjoy it all summer long without having to share it with bothersome pests. (The flying kind, that is. We can’t do anything about any annoying neighbors you might have.)