Our New Company Transit is…The Transit!

Bellflower Pest Control by Admiral Pest ControlIf you live in the Bellflower, CA, area you’re probably accustomed to seeing our powder blue Admiral Pest Control trucks driving around your neighborhood. With 25 of these distinctive trucks in our fleet, it only seems like we have the superhuman ability to be everywhere at once. In reality, our many technicians are always out and about (in those lovely trucks) making sure our customers are happy and pest-free. Some of you have asked where in the heck does one find 25 identical blue trucks in the first place? Actually, they’re Ford Rangers that we purchased, painted, and detailed with our signage. We’ve been using Ford Rangers as our official company truck for over 25 years! But guess what? Ford just announced that they’re no longer going to make the Ranger. We were so stunned by this news that we immediately went out and bought the last few brand new Rangers we could find.

But then what happens after all our trucks have run their course? Usually, we buy two to three new trucks a year, driving each truck for six to seven years (that’s about 150,000 miles per truck). Then we sell them to people in the community, replacing the retired trucks with new Ford Rangers. But now there aren’t anymore new Rangers to restock the fleet.

Obviously, we had to make some changes. Being that this is Admiral Pest Control’s 65th anniversary, we concluded it was the perfect time to go green and lean. After much consideration we decided our new official company transit will be…The Ford Transit. More fuel-efficient than the Ranger, with more protected cargo space and a greater advertising effect, we’re so excited about the Transit that we recently bought two new ones. And instead of painting them we wrapped them in a vinyl covering that both changes the color of the truck AND adds all our custom signage. Our first customized Transit was officially added to our fleet on April 20th, 2012, and the second one is being prepped for release date in June.

What do you think? Doesn’t it look great?

I know it’s a big change from what the community is used to seeing when one of trucks motors through their neighborhood, but not to worry. We’ll still have those 25 Ford Rangers that we’ll be phasing out over the next 10 to 15 years. As each one goes, we’ll replace it with a new Transit, just like the one you see here.

This is a historic occasion for Admiral Pest Control, because the last time we changed our fleet was over 25 years ago when we switched from the Ford Courier to the Ford Ranger. Since then the Ford Ranger has been a staple of our business, but as with everything there comes a time for change. And because Ford stopped making the Ranger the same year as our 65th anniversary, we thought switching to the Transit was just one more innovative change we could make to celebrate being one of the longest, continuously-run family businesses around!