Pests People Keep As Pets

Pests People Keep As Pets


When you see a huge spider, cockroach, or mouse, your first instinct is to grab a shoe, the hairspray, or a blowtorch to get rid of the scary vermin! Did you know that there are many people who view those nasty pests as sweet and loving pets? That’s right. Pet stores are crawling with pests that many people would happily put in a cage, love, pamper, and treat as a member of their family. Maybe you’ll remember this the next time a gigantic spider nestles behind your bed. Instead of whacking it out with a broom, maybe you can build it a nice spider mansion and feed it like you do your cats. Not convinced? Let's take a look at a few pests people care for and see if we can change your mind.


This may come as a shock but yes, the Madagascar hissing cockroach has weaseled its way into the hearts of many pet owners. Why on earth would people like this kind of pet? Well there are many reasons why people are attracted to this kind of pet. It’s quiet (other than the occasional hiss), they are easy to feed, require little attention, and the Madagascar roach doesn’t carry diseases or bacteria like other cockroaches. Mostly, they’re incredibly huge and pretty interesting to watch.

Rats or mice

Rodent owners agree that these animals have been long since misunderstood. Sure, some may carry a deadly disease or two but deep down, they just want to be loved. They’re soft and fluffy and can entertain you for hours with their antics in a rodent wheel. Pet rats specifically are also very social and rarely bite. They love attention and can even do tricks when enticed by cheese!


Spiders are freaky when they just sneak up on you or snuggle in your shoe, but these creatures can be quite fascinating to observe when housed in a terrarium. Watching them spin webs and catch insects is remarkable and quite educational. Spiders are solitary so if you find a fuzzy tarantula or wolf spider you plan to keep, it’s best to only put one in the new home because they most likely will eat each other. Let me clarify, they will eat eachother.


If you see one of these in or around your home, call the professionals at Admiral Pest Control instantly because these are not only freaky, but they can inflict serious pain. We may seem bias as a pest control service suggesting you stick to adopting a kitten or a turtle, but it is your decision. Scorpions are on the list of pest pets because many people find them amazing to observe closely. They are easy to care for, odorless, and fun to watch.

Next time you’re in the pet store looking for a new pet to care for, maybe branch out from the typical fish to something more exotic like these unique "pets" above. But make sure you know what you are getting into and how to take the proper precautions when keeping a "pest" as a pet.

For those times when you don’t want your house to be a massive terrarium to hundreds of spiders, cockroaches or rodents, give Admiral Pest Control in Bellflower a call to take care of your pest worries efficiently!