Plants Bumble Bees Are Drawn To

Plants Bumble Bees Are Drawn To


There are many components to creating a thriving garden each year. To name a few, sunlight, temperature, quality of soil, and plenty of water. But there is one thing a healthy garden must have that many people forget about and that is bumble bees. Those honey making pollinators are absolutely essential for a flourishing garden. Without them, you will get a scant harvest. The trick however, is to get them there. How do you entice bees to your garden? How do you draw them in? One of the best ways is to plant their favorite plants. Offering crowd pleasing favorite foods is a great way to bring guests to your dinner table and it’s no different with bees. They have their favorite foods as well and when you plant pollen packed flowers and plants aplenty, it might as well be bee candy to them. Here is a list of several bee loving plants and flowers you may want to consider adding to your garden.


Bees love fragrant herbs! Mint, basil, sage, oregano, lavender, and thyme are among a few of their favorites. Placing flower pots of herbs in or around your garden will encourage them to visit your vegetable plants and fruit trees. Without those flowers being pollinated, you may get very few morsels from your garden.


Some of the sweetest fruits in nature are the berries and bees know this. They gravitate toward berry plants because they are naturally sweet and sugary. Planting strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and any other kind of berries will encourage those precious pollinators to stick around.


These flowers are like bee magnets. Growing them in big clumps makes them easier for bees to spot so don’t spread them out. Not only are they great for bees, they are beautiful and will be an attractive addition to your garden.


These flowers are chuck full of pollen. They bloom nice and open wide, perfect for little pollen bees to crowd inside. Lots of poppies will create a party for the bees they wont be able to resist.


Not only do sunflowers provide beauty, height, and color to your garden, but they are a favorite among bees. Farmers often surround their farms with sunflowers to encourage the bees to buzz around their crops.


These beautiful pink, blue and purple daisy-like flowers are sweetly scented and attractive to bees of all kinds. They grow in clumps filled with prolific blooms on each plant, thus helping them stand out when the bees fly by.

Now remember, we like bumble bees in our gardens not to be confused with wasps. If your garden is being swarmed with wasps, that's not a good thing! And when you have damaging pests around your home and in your garden, don’t hesitate to call Admiral Pest Control. Our expertise will get rid of your pests before they take over your home and yard so call us today!