Plants Butterflies Are Drawn To

Plants Butterflies Are Drawn To

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When you’re enjoying a peaceful evening on the porch, that serenity is only amplified when you see butterflies delicately flitting from flower to flower. Their colorful, calm presence is a welcome delight to your garden. Not only do they spread happiness wherever they go, but they are great pollinators assisting in maintenance of a healthy garden. Drawing them to your flower beds and garden can only increase its health and wellness along with bringing a smile to your face. Who doesn’t love a beautiful, colorful butterfly? Let’s face it, they are joy epitomized.

How to lure them in

If you’d like to encourage butterflies to fly merrily around your flowers, planting their favorite “foods” is the best way to bring them in. These fluttering insects have their favorite treats just like we do. Similar to how your mouth waters for hamburgers and milkshakes, they likewise gravitate toward delicious nectar filled blossoms. Below are 5 of some of their most loved flowers. If you plant it, they will come.

Butterfly weed: Named not because it makes the butterflies high, but because it actually attracts them by the dozens. This sweet treat they cannot resist!

Goldenrod: This might be bad news for the allergy sufferers but butterflies adore this flower. Not only is it rich in nectar, but it is a fragrant addition to your garden.

Purple coneflower: These flowers are a beautiful and also low maintenance. Known for its medicinal properties, this flower has many uses among its beauty.

Stonecrop or Autumn joy: This subtle plant is like butterfly crack! They will flock from miles to come and slurp the nectar out of these fragrant flowers.

Black-eyed susan: Attractive and bursting with bright yellow flowers, this plant is bloom from spring to fall. It’s definitely a flower that keeps on giving and stays beautiful all season long.

A healthy and happy yard and garden will improve the overall enjoyment factor when you’re outside. Inviting the good bugs and keeping out the bad bugs is always the goal but if you know a few tricks, this will help. Your professional pest control technician at Admiral Pest Control is knowledgeable in all things pest so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If you notice an overabundance of any particular insect, you could have an infestation. We can help you with that so you can continue to keep a pest free home and garden. Call us today!