Plants For Your Yard That Look Good All Year Round



If you live where it is typically 60-80 degrees year round, planting vegetation that looks pleasing every day is quite easy. You don’t have to worry about frost killing delicate flowers or scorching sun withering beautiful blooms. Maintaining an eye catching yard is easier when you don’t have to deal with changing temperatures. But what if you live in a place with distinct 4 seasons? You definitely have to think creatively. Not only is it appealing to the eye, but it saves money if you don’t have to purchase new plants each season. Incorporating hearty plants that can survive the drastic weather change is good for your wallet and the overall enjoyment in your yard. Courtesy of Admiral Pest Control, here are some ideas for yard foliage that look beautiful all year round.


Conifer trees give that “evergreen” beauty to your yard where even in winter, you have that festive pop of green under the snow. The Korean fir tree, the gold coast juniper or the Japanese umbrella pine are three examples of beautiful conifers that show their beauty year round.


Sedum is a beautiful plant that comes in a variety of colors and looks splendid  in the spring and summer. For an added treat, they often turn a brilliant orange, yellow or red in the fall. The snowflake hydrangea is also a winner with its brilliant white blossoms and color changing fall leaves. Purple smoke bushes offer a stunning contrast in a color year round with the deep purple hues. Shrubs are a nice garden accent among the flowers or the snow throughout the year.

Ornamental Grasses

Planting low maintenance, drought tolerant grasses in your garden not only gives it variety and texture, but it offers beauty and dimension in the fall and winter months amongst the changing leaves and snowfall. Varieties such as maiden grass, zebra grass and blue oatgrass are three types you won’t be disappointed with.


Perennial flowers are perfect additions to your garden. They come back year to year and if maintained, they look better and better with age. Perennials go into hibernation during the winter and come back looking just as beautiful in the spring. Peruvian ivy, coral bells and forget-me-nots are some examples of beautiful perennials that look lovely in any flower garden.

Keeping your yard gorgeous year round doesn’t have to be difficult. Planting the right vegetation can make all the difference. Examining your yard and home for pests in the process is also an important step in keeping a cozy home and yard. If you need pest control in Bellflower, don’t hesitate to call Admiral Pest Control. We have the experience required to get rid of any problematic invader. Call us today for more information.

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