The Rise of Bed Bug Population

Bed Bugs. Those two words put together will make your skin itch while you lay in bed. The idea that an insect is sharing your bed and drinking your blood is enough to cause insomnia and sleep disorders. In fact, people who have had a bed bug infestation often complain of the inability to get a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, the bed bug problem in Orange County is getting worse. You are now more likely to bring bed bugs home than at another time. The number of bed bugs is on the rise.

Coming to an everywhere near you

Before you think that bed bug infestations only happen in dirty homes or seedy motels, think again. Bed bugs don’t care if a home is spotlessly clean or a sty. All bed bugs what is food and you are on their menu. You might believe that bed bug problems are only in hotels and motels; we have plenty in Orange County. Bed bugs are found in hotels and motels; however, they have also been found in office buildings, schools, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals, public transportation, and barracks. We at Admiral Pest Control even had a customer whose car was infested. One of the reasons that bed bug numbers are on the rise is because of their ability to hitchhike. If you visit a place that has bed bugs, they will climb into your purse, luggage, brief case, backpack, laptop, and even your clothing. That is when you bring bed bugs back to your own house.

Admiral Pest Control

For an Orange County bed bug problem, there is a local solution. All you need to do is pick up your cell phone and call Admiral Pest Control. Eliminating bed bugs is what we do best. We are a local company and our technicians have years of dedicated bed bug eradication expertise. We can find them, and create a solution that will be perfect for you. We cover everything from residential infestations to commercial. You do not have to live with bed bugs. Admiral Pest Control is here to help and our technicians are the best around.