Strangest Pest Infestations

Strangest Pest Infestations

rattlesnake-653642_640 No matter the pest, no matter the place, infestations anywhere are disgusting, disturbing, disruptive and expensive. You may have called Admiral Pest Control for rodent control or to make your home 100% spider free in the past, but can you imagine seeing millions of pests of any variety? Seeing even 2 or 3 little pests running around your home is enough to unnerve you. But what if the infestation was so extreme, so insane that it wasn’t just several dozen mice or a couple hundred roaches? No, rather it was hundreds or thousands or millions of these destructive pests filling your home to the brim. Can you imagine such an infestation? Well, there have been infestations so extreme that they make headlines across the country. Here are a few to share, which reiterate our point more clearly, start pest control early!

The Snake Den Home in Rexburg, ID A young family buys a home in a cozy community in Idaho but soon after moving in, they notice their water tastes funky. Little did they know that behind, under and around their home, thousands of garter snakes had claimed their home. Every day home owner Ben Sessions would go around the bedrooms, looking for snakes that snuck in during the night, sometimes killing 40 or more each day. The task of fighting these snakes became too much that the young family abandoned their home, a total loss. The serpents had won.

Honeycomb House in Houston, TX Josie Parra put up with buzzing bees in and around her home for two years. She tried to fight the problem with every means she found and it was a battle she was losing. Finally, she resorted to professional help, opening up the walls where they found millions of bees had turned the inside of her walls into a massive honeycomb hive. It is suspected that the hive was more than 10 years old and 200 lbs of honey was harvested from those walls.

Arachnophobia Atrocity in Weldon Spring, MO Brian and Susan Trost bought the home of their dreams, a stunning $450,000 home. Soon after however, they describe something only found in your worst nightmares, spiders “bleeding out of the walls.” Identified later as brown recluses, they fought this infestation for as long as they could but with more than 5,000 of these dangerous spiders in the home, they knew they couldn’t take anymore chances. Fighting with the insurance company, they eventually won $472,000 back to start over in a new home.

You shouldn’t have to fight infestations this large if you responsibly take care of your home. Pest control is essential to maintaining a healthy home. Just as you’d maintain your lawn, keeping your home free of pests is just as vital. Keeping Admiral Pest Control on a regular rotation year round for treatments keeps your home free of damaging pests. You will never need to fear such atrocious infestations as described above when Admiral Pest Control has your back. Call us today!

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