How Did Ants Get in my House?

You know what happens when there are crumbs on your kitchen floor. There might only be a single bit of food that you missed with your broom, and moments later you notice a line of ants heading toward the morsel. You might pull out the vacuum and eliminate them, but they will keep on coming back. Have you ever wondered how they get inside of your home?

Size and Scouting Missions

First off, ants are small. They can fit through tiny cracks. If you can see a hint of light from under your front door, that means there is enough room for ants to fit through. If your concrete pad has cracks, ants have an uncanny ability to find a way through. Once they have found a way through the foundation, your subflooring isn’t a problem at all. Another reason they can get into your home is because ant colonies employ scouts. The job of a scout ant is to find food. They spent their entire lives searching for something edible. Once they find a source of food, they tell the rest of the colony using pheromone scent trails. When a scout finds your favorite cereal, you can count on the rest of the colony joining you for breakfast.

Getting Rid of Ants that are in Your House

The solution to an ant infestation is simple; you need to call Admiral Pest Control. We service all of Orange County and our technicians are ant eradication experts. We know how to exclude the ants, eliminate their points of entry, and take out the queens. We can create a barrier around your home that will keep the ants out. Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to identify the ants and create a treatment plan that is species specific, that way you get the best pest control in Orange County. When you want your home to be free of ants, think Admiral Pest Control. We bring real solutions to pest problems.