Why "Tenting" for Termite Treatments?

Will driving down your neighborhood and you see a house that is tented over for termites; have you ever wondered why the big striped tent? Termites are a real problem for homeowners even here in Orange County. Other pest infestation might make you irritated or fearful, but termites are the ones that can ruin a home. This is why Admiral Pest Control uses the big tents for termite control.

It’s all about the Fumigant

When a homeowner calls us to inspect for termites and we find a thriving colony, we pull out the tent. The tent keeps our specialized fumigant inside your home and won’t allow it to escape. The fumigant penetrates deep into your home, it moves through sheetrock and then it sinks through the pores in your wooden walls studs. If the termites have gotten into your favorite rocking chair, the fumigant will find them there too. The nice thing about our fumigant is that it won’t leave a residue. Once the tent comes off, your home will once again be termite free. If you want to keep it that way, our technicians have a variety of specialized methods that will keep those termites out of your home for good.

Orange County Termite Control

Admiral Pest Control covers Orange County. If you live in Orange County and termites are eating away at your home, give us a call. We have years of experience. Our technicians will be able to identify termites and create a treatment plan that will work with you and your busy schedule. Our methods are safe, effective and efficient. The last thing you ever want to do with termites is wait, every moment of ever day they are chewing away under your feet. If you have an infestation of termites, give us a call today. When you want the best in Orange County termite control, you need the experts with Admiral Pest Control.