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Although Orange County is a paradise for an outdoor and active lifestyle, residents need to be careful about a few different pests while spending time outside, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can easily find their way into your home, patio, or backyard. At best, they may buzz around your ear while you’re trying to sleep at night and become a nuisance. At worst, they can bite and transmit deadly diseases to you and your family. If you need pest control in Orange County to get rid of mosquitoes, schedule an inspection with Admiral Pest Control today.

The Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes don’t have long lives, but unfortunately, they can cause long-lasting health consequences for us. All types of mosquitoes have the same four-stage life cycles. The mosquito’s life cycle begins with the egg stage, followed by the larva and pupa stages. Once they reach adulthood, their lifespan mostly depends on whether they are male or female. Male mosquitoes can live anywhere from a week or two up to a month, while female mosquitoes can live for one to three months. All in all, mosquitoes take around eight to ten days to go from eggs to adults. However, only female mosquitoes bite humans and spread diseases.

The first three stages of the mosquito life cycle occur in water, which is why standing water is the main factor leading to mosquitoes’ presence. When mosquitoes reach the adult stage, they become active flying insects.

Mosquitoes Are More Deadly Than Any Other Animal

Although mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in Orange County, they are also among the most dangerous. Did you know that mosquito-borne diseases kill more humans than any other animal? Unfortunately, it’s true.

The most dangerous diseases and viruses spread by mosquitoes include:

  • Dengue fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Filariasis
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Yellow fever
  • Zika virus

These diseases can require medical attention and, in some cases, can be deadly or have long-lasting effects. Don’t risk your health or the health of those you love. If you are looking for ways to get rid of mosquitoes in Orange County, keep reading to find the solution.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Yard?

Mosquitoes in Southern California yards and gardens are a common problem. Several different factors can attract mosquitoes to your backyard or garden. The most important factor for mosquitoes is a water source or stagnant water, where they reproduce.

If you are trying to prevent or reduce the presence of mosquitoes around your yard, the following tips can help you:

  • Cover spas, pools, and birdbaths.
  • Get rid of as much standing water as possible.
  • Install mosquito screens on windows and doors.
  • Put on mosquito repellent if you’re going outside.
  • Use a fan to interrupt their flying route.
  • Set up natural repellents around the house, such as lemon eucalyptus, peppermint oil, or lemongrass oil.
  • Schedule a professional pest control inspection.

Following the tips above can help you get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard. Now it’s time to learn how to keep mosquitoes away completely.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes And Keep Them Away?

If you’re wondering how to keep mosquitoes out of your house for good, we recommend starting with a professional mosquito inspection. At Admiral Pest Control, our dedicated team of professionals will locate any mosquito hotspots or conditions that could attract mosquitoes during the initial inspection. We’ll discuss treatment options, choose the best one for your situation and needs, then apply your treatment. We’ll also provide follow-up visits to help you in your quest for a mosquito-free home and yard. Schedule a free inspection or request a free estimate with Admiral Pest Control today and get rid of mosquitoes for good.

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