Top 10 Most Beautiful Insects in the World

When insects come to mind, we most often picture the grotesque and nasty little invaders that break into our homes or torment us when we want a little peace, but when you look closely, nature is bursting with beauties and many of those include insects. Listed below is Admiral Pest Control’s most admired and top 10 most beautiful insects in the world. See if you agree.

1: Christmas beetle

Nothing makes people more happy than Christmas and that’s just what this beautiful, glistening beetle does. These beetles shimmer with red and green but can also be a rich and shiny gold. What a magnificently colored insect!

2: Jewel Caterpillar

The jewel caterpillar is truly a unique piece of nature. With a translucent, diamond like body, these insects are fascinating to watch. Later, it turns into a moth, which by comparison is rather ugly.

3: Cotton Harlequin Bug

Native to Australia, this brightly colored beetle definitely attracts attention. They are commonly seen during the warm summers in Sydney and on ornamental trees feeding on sugar-rich plants.

4: Peacock Spider

The peacock spider is a type of jumping spider that performs a spunky little dance, “peacocking” around for the females during mating season. It wiggles its colorful backside in hopes that a pretty female peacock spider will notice him.

5: Blue Morpho Butterfly

This butterfly is beyond radiant, being an electric shade of blue, it is one of the earth’s most attractive butterflies. As a caterpillar, it looks nothing like its adult self, being yellow and brown with tufts of sporadic hair.

6: Pink Katydid

The pink katydid is a very rare insect. Typically katydids are a green leaf color but every once in awhile a genetic condition called erythism creates a katydid in a fabulous shade of pink.

7: Devil’s Flower Mantis

Praying mantises look intimidating enough but this particular kind looks downright evil. But evil looking or not, this mantis commands attention with its purple and red hues and threatening stance.

8: Madagascan Sunset Moth

Butterfly and moth collectors from far and wide want this moth for their collection. Why? It is stunningly beautiful with a rainbow of colors painted across its wings. It is easily mistaken as a butterfly, but once you see its furry body, you know it’s definitely a moth.

9: Venezuelan Poodle Moth


This moth may not be breathtakingly beautiful, but when you see it, you might suddenly have the insatiable desire to snuggle it. Fluffy and adorable, this moth was only recently discovered by zoologist Arthur Anker in 2009.

10: Glass Winged Butterfly

This butterfly looks like the imaginary creations straight out of Alice in Wonderland. How could a butterfly with such delicate, transparent wings be real? But it is. Such a magical insect surely proves how incredible insects are.

Insects truly are a gift to our earth and discovering new varieties of beauty is a wondrous experience. However, if these wondrous creatures are suddenly inhabiting the very bed you sleep in or the walls that surround you and you need pest control in Bellflower, give us a call today. Our technicians are experienced at removing infestations of all types! We look forward to serving you.

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