Top 3 Pests You Don’t Want to Sneak Up On



Your home and yard are your sanctuary. After a long day at work or school, you want to come to your peaceful nook and relax. But what if you find that your quiet space is now inhabited by filthy pests, causing damage and stealing your stuff. Are you going to stand for it? No, you’re not! Your first instinct is to grab the bug killer or a baseball bat and show those nasty vermin who is boss. Before you start stabbing in a vicious, crazy rage with a fireplace poker, hold on. There are some pests you shouldn’t try and get rid of on your own. Why? Well, simply put, they’re too dangerous to mess with. If you see signs of the pests listed below, calling your Bellflower pest control experts at Admiral Pest Control is your safest and best option.

#1: Wasps, bees and hornets

Any pest that can inflict pain should be handled very carefully and wasps are one that do not forgive an intrusion upon their personal space. If they feel threatened as you try and remove their hives, they will target you and inflict as much pain as they can until they feel the threat is gone. It’s just not worth it, don’t do this alone. The professionals at Admiral Pest Control in Bellflower have the right tools to remove hives safely and efficiently.

#2: Rodents

If you find a solitary rodent, chances are there are more. Snooping out a nest of rodents in your walls, shed, basement or anywhere else is never a good idea. The reason for this is that rodents carry many deadly diseases and even exposure to the air around a rodent nest, you are at risk for deadly pathogens and bacteria that will greatly harm you. Pest control technicians at Bellflower Pest Control come equipped with protective gear so as not to breathe in these deadly diseases. The average homeowner doesn’t own this type of gear so calling Admiral Pest Control is essential!

#3: Black widows or Brown recluses

When it comes to spiders that can KILL you, it really isn’t necessary to say why you shouldn’t go near them, right? These spiders can cause terrible nerve damage, extreme pain and even death so why take a risk? If you spot either of these spiders, run, don’t walk to the nearest phone and give Admiral Pest Control a call, your local pest control company in Bellflower!

Your health, safety and loved ones are vitally important so when it comes to dangerous pests, it’s a no brainer. Professional pest control technicians have the tools and the know how to get rid of a dangerous infestation quickly. Our knowledge concerning pests in all forms is extensive and we can answer all your questions. Give us a call today!