Top 5 Most Popular Bugs People Eat

Top 5 Most Popular Bugs People Eat



When you think of insects, all sorts of scenarios come to mind, usually involving a swift death the six-legged interloper. The last thing you probably think of, when looking at a bug, is a mouthwatering meal. As nasty as becoming a connoisseur of creepy crawlies sounds, insects are packed with protein, fiber, good fats, and minerals your body needs. If you have ever wanted to eat bugs, here are some of the most popular insect snacks.

  1. Mealworms: They are the larval form of certain beetles. Before you shy away from the corn colored wiggly worm, know that they are packed with protein. A mealworm meal is high in iron and potassium and has the same nutritional value as fish.

  2. Grasshoppers: Those long spiky jumping legs might make you feel sick to your stomach, yet a single grasshopper packs 6 grams of protein. That is the equivalent to one of your breakfast eggs. Grasshoppers have a neutral taste, so you can flavor them up with all of your favorite seasonings. Cajun garlic grasshopper might become your new favorite dish.

  3. Ants: First off, you can catch ants pretty easy. They are high in protein and calcium (you’ll have strong bones). Most types of ants are edible. Ants use formic acid for defense, this acid gives them a sour flavor. You might compare the taste to vinegar. Add a bit of salt and you will have salt and vinegar ant chips.

  4. Termites: They will eat your house; you might as well eat them, right? Termites can contain anywhere from 30 percent protein up to 64. They also contain essential minerals like iron and calcium. Take a bunch, fry them up and you may come to enjoy their nutty taste.

  5. Stink Bugs: Don’t let the name fool you, stink bugs might smell bad, yet they are full of protein, iron and potassium. In order to get rid of their foul smell, you can soak them overnight in water and by morning your tasty treat is ready for the frying pan.

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