Watch Out For Bed Bugs This Winter In Los Angeles County

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No one likes to consider the possibility of bed bugs in their home. We want to think they only travel to dirty, messy places. However, these little hitchhikers can turn up just about anywhere and are undoubtedly well-known to Los Angeles County pest control companies. 

If you are curious about what causes bed bugs to enter a home, we will provide some insight into how they find their way inside. We can show you some early signs of bed bugs to help you stop them before you have an entire infestation on your hands. Working with a bed bug control company near you will help prevent these pests and get rid of bed bugs for good.

Unmistakable Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

Paying attention to the early signs of bed bugs can significantly reduce the likelihood that they will turn into a full-blown infestation. Bed bug bites are often one of the first warning signs in your home. Their bites may be confused with other pests, so it is best to check with a bed bug control company near you to determine which specific pest problem you are experiencing.

Some other signs of bed bug infestation are black spots or blood streaks on pillows, sheets, and furniture. Look under mattresses or on the floor for bed bug skins which they shed as they mature. You will also want to pay attention to strange smells in the home. Bed bugs emit a strong, musty odor. 

How Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Los Angeles County Homes

For homes, schools, and businesses, bed bug control in Los Angeles Country is a necessity. Someone at work may have them, and the bugs may crawl onto your briefcase for a free ride into your home. Over-the-counter pest control to kill bed bugs is rarely successful, so a friend could believe they got rid of them while unknowingly bringing them into your house.

Students in your child’s school may have them, and they will hitch a ride in their backpacks. Dormitories often face bed bug problems, so when your kids come home to visit, they may bring along these unwanted house guests. They can latch onto your belongings just about anywhere, and you likely won’t notice until you start seeing bed bug bites.

Five Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Most importantly, before we find out how to get rid of bed bugs, here are five ways to prevent them in the first place:

  1. Carefully check any used furniture or upholstery before bringing it into your house.
  2. Regularly vacuum all areas of your home, paying close attention to the seams of mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture.
  3. Change and wash your family’s bedding regularly on the highest heat setting possible for the fabric.
  4. If you live in an apartment building, invest in door sweeps to help keep bed bugs out.
  5. Reduce clutter throughout your home; they love to hide in it.

All of these steps can help to prevent a bed bug infestation.

The Trick To Permanent Bed Bug Removal In Los Angeles County

The best way to prevent these pests is to partner up with a company experienced in bed bug control in Los Angeles County. Do-it-yourself pest control to kill bed bugs is rarely successful because it doesn’t work on the eggs, so the problem quickly returns. 

At Admiral Pest Control, our technicians are skilled in bed bug control and prevention. Call us today to find out more about our effective bed bug solutions and to schedule your free inspection.

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