What Bugs to Expect in your Rock Garden

What Bugs to Expect in your Rock Garden

If you have installed a new rock garden to reduce your amount of water usage, you might begin to wonder what type of bugs will begin to inhabit your new centerpiece. Since a rock garden doesn’t need the high amounts of water that your lawn requires, you have effectively created a micro-ecosystem in your own backyard. Some are interesting enough that you might want to sit back and watch.

Antlions: If there is a sandy section in your rock garden, you might begin to see small cone shaped depressions forming in areas protected from rain and water. At the bottom of that pit resides the antlion. If you want to see an amazing show, find a small ant and drop it inside. If the antlion is hungry, it will begin to throw dirt at the ant, keeping it from escaping. Once the ant is stuck at the bottom of the small pit and bewildered, the ant lion will strike the ant with a pair of massive jaws from beneath the sand.

Pill bug aka roly poly: If you think that ball shaped roly poly is an insect, you are incorrect. They are in fact a crustacean. Those little ball bugs are related to shrimp and crayfish. Roly poly’s eat organic matter that is in a state of decomposition. If you have vegetation planted in your rock garden, they will eat whatever falls from the plant. If disturbed, they roll up into a ball. Their exoskeleton is hard enough that many predators decide to avoid them.

Jumping spider: Jumping spiders come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Some are black with green pedipalps, while others exhibit every color of the rainbow. Each one comes equipped with two rows of highly developed eyes. The jumping spider is an ambush killer and is capable of pouncing up to 50 times its own body length.

You can control what types of insects are present within your rock garden. If you want honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies, consider planting some flowering plants. There are native plants that are drought tolerant and will provide you with amazing blossoms. If you have irritating insects, like ants, that are terrorizing your rock garden, one call to Admiral Pest Control will solve the problem.