What do I do if I see a Scorpion?

Seeing any insect or arachnid in your home is not a pleasant experience. When that critter is a scorpion and you know it can sting, the first thing you need to do is not panic. Scorpions do not want to sting you, venom is costly to create and they want to use it to catch prey. Scorpions will sting when they feel threatened and need to defend themselves. Now that you are not panicking, the next thing you need to do when you see a Scorpion is to contact Admiral Pest Control. If you need pest control in Aliso Viejo, we are your answer.

The Admiral Pest Control Difference

The first thing you will notice about Admiral Pest Control is that we understand scorpions. We will be able to find where they are hiding in and around your home. Our technicians will be able to show you ways to reduce the likelihood of them getting into your house. When we perform pest control, we use the multi-pronged treatment approach established by the principles of IPM, or "Integrated Pest Management". We rely on an assortment of control techniques that will overcome the scorpions and allow you to have the pest-free home that you deserve.

Thing you can do to Reduce Infestations

Another way to reduce the number of scorpions in your yard is to go hunting for them. All you need is to purchase a black light from the store. When the moon is not out and it is particularly dark, head outside with your black light. Scorpion glow in the dark when black light hits their body. If you have a baseball bat, or other weapon you can then quickly dispatch the scorpion. Every scorpion you eliminate will mean one less that will be creating more scorpions in your yard. If this sounds like too much work, give Admiral Pest Control a call. We take the sting out of scorpions and make sure they never bother you again.