What Orange County Property Owners Ought To Know About Termite Swarmers

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When it comes to termite swarmers, there are many misconceptions. What are they, and what do they mean for your Orange County property? Find out everything you should know about swarmers and learn how to protect your home or business from termites.

What Are Termite Swarmers? 

At specific times, termite colonies produce swarmers of flying adults, usually forming during the day and in warm weather. They come from nearby nests to find a new place to grow their colony, and as the termites fly, they mate and start a new generation. 
If you see a swarmer, you can be certain there’s a termite nest nearby. The nest may be on your property or a nearby neighbor’s land. Because termites don’t fly well, they don’t travel very far. As soon as they mate, termites lose their wings and take up residence in the closest wooden structures they can find.

Termites Are A Year-Round Issue

People often think of the spring and summer as termite season, but termites are around all year long. They tend to produce swarmers in warmer weather, but they plague property owners every month of the year. 
In the warm climate of Orange County, these property-damaging pests are particularly active all year. The temperature doesn’t get cold enough for termites to stop being active, so you can never know when termites will destroy your property.

What’s The Problem With Termite Swarmers?

While there’s nothing wrong with seeing a termite swarmer, the problem lies in the fact that termites are close by. Every year, termites cause Americans millions of dollars in property damage. Because termites chew through wood, they cause structural damage.
If you have termites near your property, you can never be sure when they’ll invade. Your building might just be too appealing to termites, which leaves you vulnerable.                 

What Can You Do About Termites?

All too often, termite swarmers are the first sign of termite infestations in Orange County. For this reason, you should take steps to protect your home from these pests. If you see a swarmer, the first thing you should do is call a reputable pest control company. They’ll do a thorough inspection and check for termites. 
By acting quickly, you can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business. If you want to deter termites, you can take some precautions. All of the following strategies can help prevent termites from taking over:

Address Moisture Issues

By dealing with moisture issues, you can prevent your wood from becoming damp, making it less appealing to termites. 
It’s important to note that termites will still eat dry wood, but are more inclined to chew through wet wood. So, repairing leaks and using a dehumidifier could make your property less likely to be a target for termites.

Don’t Let Wood Touch Soil

If you have any structural wood that is in direct contact with your soil, you could have termite trouble, so try to keep a gap of at least 18 inches between your wood and soil.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Property

If you store firewood too close to your property, you may be welcoming termites into your structures. Store firewood as far away as possible from your wooden structures.

Look For Misshapen Wood

If the wood around your doors or windows seems different, you might have termites. You may be able to catch the infestation before it gets too bad.

Call An Expert

The best form of termite protection comes from professional assistance. Contact the Admiral Pest Control team and let us keep termites away. We’re ready to help you.

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