Who Needs Scarecrows When You Have Bats?



Bats? Before your brain thinks up a hundred terrifying images of bats, take a deep breath. Bats are one of the most effective predators of insects that nature has ever created. From beetles and wasps to mosquitoes and moths, bats love eating bugs. Bats can reduce mosquito populations; however, with mosquitoes numbering in the billions, bats are only one portion of a mosquito control program. You will need more than just bats to keep your yard mosquito free. Admiral Pest Control is another factor in mosquito and pest control around your yard an inside your home.

Bats Used To Save Food Production

You have seen scarecrows in standing watch throughout agricultural fields to keep unwanted birds from eating planted seeds. Bats are also doing their part to preserve food. If given the choice between a mosquito and a moth, a bat is going to go after the moth. Moths are larger and serve as a more filling meal. That means for a corn farmer, whose worst enemy is the corn ear worm, bats are going to be his new best friend. According Josiah Maine, a researcher who coauthored a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, bats contribute a whopping $1 billion globally to the corn industry alone though pest control services. If you look at other crops, like tomatoes, soybeans, cotton, which are damaged by moths, the amount of money saved by bats begins to increase rapidly. More food on a farm means more food in the grocery store. Bats are helping to keep food on your table.

The Corn Ear Worm

The problem with the corn root worm is once they get into an ear of corn they ruin the entire thing. An adult moth lays her eggs on an ear of corn, the worm hatches, and makes a meal of the kernels. The worm introduces mold which further damages the ear and allows other pests like the earwig to gain access to the cob. When a worm gets into a cob, you can say good bye to that ear of corn. The mold introduced by the worm creates problems for cattle that use the corn silage as feed. If you like hamburgers, bats are now your new best friend.

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