Worst Bugs in Orange County

Living in California means you have even temperatures, nearby beaches and a lot of sunlight. All of that warm sunlight means we also have a lot of bugs. Step outside and it won’t take long for you to spot a spider, ant, fly or other type of creepy crawly. Some insects like, the lady bug, are beneficial. There are others that are just plain bad. Here are some of the bad bugs of Orange County. If at anytime you decide you have too many bad bugs, Admiral Pest Control is here to eradicate problem infestations. We are serious about pest control in Orange County.

  • Kissing Bug: It looks like a squash bug, but instead of sucking the juices out of your squash plants the kissing bug prefers your lips. That’s right there is an insect out there that want to kiss you. Kissing bugs tend to bite you where your skin is soft, that means they love your lips. They will also bite your face and your eyelids. The problem from kissing bugs is not the bite; it is the disease they carry. Kissing bugs carry Chagas Disease which can be fatal if not treated. Since the Chagas parasites are spread through the kissing bug’s feces, you can get infected from their feces. Infections occur when you spread their feces into the bite wound, or into your eyes or mouth.

  • Black Widow: Their bites are deadly. If you get bit by a black widow, you should always seek medical attention. Black widows will only bite you if they feel threatened. That means if one builds their nest under the handle of your garbage can and you accidently grab it, you will get bit.

  • Mosquitoes: You may not believe it, but that fragile flyer has killed more humans than any other insect. In fact mosquitoes have killed more humans than any war. The reason for this is the diseases they carry. Mosquitoes are vectors for a number of nasty illnesses. Mosquito-borne illnesses include malaria, West Nile virus, Zikka virus, elephantiasis, dengue fever, yellow fever and many more. The illnesses spread by mosquitoes are area specific. Next time you see a mosquito you will feel justified in killing it.