Yikes! Termite Damage in California

Termites are something that every homeowner dreads and rightfully so. Termite infestation can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and repairs to your home, and without the proper treatments, they can be a pesky problem to get rid of. While many homeowners assume because they do not see termites they do not have a problem, but this is generally not the case. Termites live in the smallest, most hidden of spaces, and you often see evidence of termites before the bugs themselves actually appear. In order to protect your home from costly damage, it is important to be aware of how common termites are within the state, and to have your home routinely inspected. California Termite Infestations

The Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) at the University of California states that more than 23 different species of termites are present in California. Once a colony has been established, they propagate quickly, feeding and foraging their way from home to home. According to the IPM, most homeowners are unaware that their home has termites, and their presence often remains undetected until significant damage has occurred. Many people mistakenly neglect to schedule regular termite inspections, and the majority of infestations are only discovered when a home is bought or sold. A report on termite infestation in the Los Angeles Times indicates that more than a million termite inspections are conducted statewide each year through the state, the vast majority of which are as part of real estate transactions. In as many as 95 percent of these inspections, some evidence of termite damage was detected.

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