Cerritos Pest Control

The city of Cerritos is home to 50,000 people and over 15,000 households. What once was a valley known for its dairy farming has become an industrial giant in terms of spending, second only to Beverly Hills. People are attracted to this area for a number of reasons, including weather, proximity to the beach, above average incomes, and a low crime rate compared to surrounding cities.

Pest Control in Cerritos

This city attracts more than just people, however. The warm climate of Cerritos attracts many pests as well, and residents may require a Cerritos pest control professional or exterminator. Admiral Pest Control has been in this area since the 1940’s- we know a thing or two about getting rid of bugs. With trained professionals ready to serve you, we offer both residential and commercial pest control for pests such as ants, crickets, roaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, fleas, flies, ticks, gnats, wasps, and bees. We realize that occasionally you may need additional service between planned visits. If so, we’ll come out and treat for free! With a guaranteed service, there is no reason to live any longer with bugs.

In addition to general pest control services, Admiral Pest Control provides the following extermination services:

Nuisance Birds
Bed Bugs
Rodent Control
Gopher and Mole Control

We also provide:

Free Pest Estimates
Free Termite Inspections
One Time Service & Flexible Service Plans
Free Nuisance Bird Consultations